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A list of add-on disk drives which are (or are not) compatible with S/Linux has been started. The list is currently quite short, consisting of the page author's one (incompatible, need we say?) drive. He is seeking other entries, however. If you have experience with an add-on drive in S/Linux, please drop him a note so he can fill this list out.

If you are having trouble with the floppy drive on 2.1 sun4c systems you are not alone. Evidently the floppy driver simply is not working that well at the moment. The needed fix, seemingly, is to dump the Linux floppy driver and start over; it has seen a few more incremental additions than were good for it.


Nikita Schmidt has released several new MILO images based on a merge of Jay's unblished source code with Nikita's previously announced enhancements. These are 24-bit TGA aware and built against the free x86 emulator. Nikita also posted some pointers on using the images.


Al Guerra Enterprise has announced the availability of early versions of their PC emulation and MacOS library products, running on top of their "Apokalypse" PPC Linux product. More info can be had in this MacTech article.

September 10, 1998


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