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See also: last week's Development page.

Development tools

Tom Oehser wrote to mention that he has made several recent improvements to the 'tomsrtbt' package, for those interested in linux-on-a-floppy, either for fun or for rescue disk situations. Here is his note.


The Blackdown Linux JDK porting team announced its Version 4a port of JDK 1.1.6. They also mentioned that most problems with JDK segmentation faults under Linux are due to old or incompatible shared libraries. Check out their FAQ on the subject.

Cygnus Solutions has announced the addition of Java support to the gcc compiler suite. As usual with Cygnus, the enhancements are freely available, with source. This announcement has been looked for eagerly in many forums and now provides competition for the TowerJ Java compilation tools. (from Zenaan Harkness)

The GNU Classpath project has been announced. This project was started to create a free software replacement for Sun's proprietary Java core class libraries. They are not currently working with the Kaffe folks, but mention in their announcement that they have contacted them. Hopefully something that be worked out to prevent duplication of effort in this area. If you are interested in the project, their project status page mentions that they don't yet have volunteers to develop all the packages.

Vincent Trussart posted a java application development template, JAppTemplate as an example for people with questions about dependencies generation with java.

A special edition of the JDC Tech Tips has been released, specifically covering debugging.

A petition is available for those interested in seeing VisualAge for Java ported to Linux.


Here is a note from someone looking to find or start an Austin, Texas Perl Mongers group. Drop a line if you are interested.


Version 0.5.3 of PalmPython, a conduit programming kit which enables desktop applications to access PalmPilots and their data, has been announced.

Bobo, an open source python web application system, now has an extensive introduction available, with over 20 pages of information and screen shots.

The Call for Participation for the 7th Internation Python Conference was posted this week. The conference will be held November 10th through the 13th, in Houston, Texas.

Guido mentioned that Python 1.5.2 has been modified so that Tk().mainloop() will properly release the Python interpreter lock, good news for any one who has had to program around this problem. The posting also made it sound like 1.5.2 will be coming out soon, though no specific time frame was mentioned.


  • combobox 1.06, a tcl-only combobox widget
  • tea 2.1, a Tcl wrapper that provides object-oriented functionality and features

September 10, 1998



Development projects


Version 1.0 of the GNOME FAQ is now available.


Precompiled binaries of the latest version of Mozilla are now available nightly. Supported platforms include Windows, MacIntosh and Linux/86. This is not for the faint-of-heart, since the updates are totally untested and time-bombed to expire after 30 days.

Netscape has released the source code for Grendel, an incomplete mail/news client, written in Java. Hopefully the Jazilla group will find this release of use.


The next Wine release, which would normally have been released on Sunday, September 6th, has been delayed until further notice to allow the volunteer releasing it (Alexandre Julliard) to have a life (but only temporarily ...).

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