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The Antwerp Linux User group is giving an introduction to Linux course in three parts

The OpenHealth mailing list is a place for people interested in open source software in the health care industry. See their announcement for more information.

The Guide du ROOTard, a French Linux cookbook over 150 pages long, has now released version 2.8. The new version covers Slackware 3.5.0, Red Hat 5.1, and more ...

Rafal Maszkowski sent us a note about a new Polish magazine called Linux and Unix. Your editor is unable to understand much of what they are saying (it is in Polish, after all), but it's nice that they list Linux first...


Early registration for the SANE'98 conference closes on October 19th. SANE'98 is the first international Systems Administration & Networking Conference. It will be held November 18 through the 20th in Maastricht, The Netherlands, is organized by the NLUUG and co-sponsored by USENIX and NLnet Foundation. If you're planning to go, early registration is a good idea. They dropped us a note and mentioned that Bob Young from Red Hat will be doing the keynote speech and many other Lions of the Linux community will be giving presentations ...

The 7th International Python Conference will be held November 10th through the 13th in Houston, Texas. The announcement included a list of invited speakers, with Eric Raymond, David Beazley, Jim Hugunin and, of course, Guido van Rossum on the list.

There will be an open source forum at ISPCON on Tuesday, Sept. 29. Panelists will include Linus Torvalds, Robert Young, and Marc Andreessen. Here is their press release.

The Autumn Linux Workshop in Warsaw, Poland will happen from October 22 through 24. See their web site (in Polish) for more.

The folks at AFUL (the French-speaking Linux users association) put on a Linux show at Apple-Expo in Paris last week. They have posted some pictures of the event for those who are interested.

Web sites

The Linux Sound Page announced a major update on September 17th. Over 18 new listings have been added. This is an excellent site for anyone interested in sound applications on Linux.

G. R. Gaudreau has announced his Penguin Power site, another budding Linux links site with plans for more and different in the future.

An ACM/SIG group devoted to Linux in Austin, Texas, held its first meeting on Thursday, September 21st.

User Group News

A new group has formed in the Madison area (of Wisconsin, we presume). Their first meeting will be this Friday, September 25th.

Stephan Fassotte wrote to say that he wishes to form a linux user group in El Salvador, presumably the first such group. Send him mail if you willing to work on the formation of the group.

A new user group is also forming in Troms\370, Norway. See their announcement for more information.

A new user group is forming in Stuttgart, Germany.

September 24, 1998



Software Announcements


Package Version Description
3dom snapshot 980918 A general purpose 3d object modeler.
Aladdin Ghostscript 5.50 An interpreter for the PostScript (TM) language.
Alien 6.18 Converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, andslackware tgz file formats
Amcl 0.4.2 A simple Mud CLient for X written in GTK libs.
ANICI 2.0.3 An extended version of Tim Long's ICI interpreter
Apache 1.3.2 High performance, UNIX based HTTP server
ascpu 1.0 A CPU load monitor.
BGM 0.1.4 Background music player / music on-hold source daemon for PBX
binutils Provides programs to assemble and manipulate binary andobject files.
Bit::Vector 5.5 Provides an efficient implementation of arbitrarily large bit vectors and sets
Bugzilla 2.0 mozilla.org's bugtracking system
cdda2wav 0.95beta07 A CD ripping application
CDM 0.30 Offers copying, mastering and manipulation of CD tracks
clock 1.5 Sets system time from CMOS clock and vice versa.
Cooledit 3.7.4 Full featured text editor for the X Window System
Cryptonite 0.10 Pure Java Strong Encryption Package
Date::Calc 4.2 Package for all kinds of date calculations based on the Gregorian calendar
dbMetrix 0.1.5 GUI Database Tool
DBS Server 0.1.0 Telephony Server for integrating a Panasonic DBS telephone system
DECnet for Linux 0.11 DECnet socket layer and applications
DNi 0.6 An IP Filtering Firewall script generator for dial-up users.
DOSEmu 0.98.1 Application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs
egcs snapshot 19980921 Experimental set of enhancements for the GNU tools
EPIC 4pre2.001-NR5 ANSI capable textmode IRC Client
FAIM 0.07 An open source client for America Online's Instant Messenger service
Falken 10.7.3 An excellent multi-user BBS system for Linux.
Fetchmail 4.6.0 Free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mailretrieval utility
Filaments 1.0 A parallel processing library package
fvwm2gnome 0.2.5 Clean, efficient window manager configuration with GNOME functionality
g2s 0.3.5 An alternative to inetd/tcpwrapper/chrootuid/ relay/tcp-env/antispam/etc.
Gamora 0.61.0 Java based server construction, hosting, and adminstration architecture.
getstatd 0.9 Statistics Daemon for Linux Systems
GHX 98/09/17 GTK clone of the Hotline software
GICQ 0.22 GTK based ICQ client
Gifsicle 1.4.1 Command-line tool for creating, editing, and optimizing GIFs and animations
gmysql 0.2.0 A GTK+ front-end to MySQL databases
GnomePGP 0.2a Gnome frontend for PGP
GNU Privacy Guard 0.4.0 GPLed PGP replacement tool
GNU Wget 1.5.3 Network utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web
Gpasman 1.0 Keeps track of all your passwords in a secure way
GTK+ 1.0.6 Library for creating graphicaluser interfaces
GtkICQ 0.53 GtkICQ is a clone of Mirabilis' ICQ program based on Gtk/GNOME
gtkmod 980920 Gtk mod,s3m,xm player
http-tiny 1.2 Tiny portable http C library and raw client
icewm 0.9.13 Window Manager designed for speed, usability and consistency
ICI 2.0.3 A dynamic, interpretive language with C-like syntax
IMP 1998-09-21 IMAP and PHP3 based webmail system
install-todos.c 0.0.1 Drop in replacement for install-todos.c that comes with pilot-link.
IPTraf 1.3.0 An ncurses-based IP LAN monitor
IRCIT 0.3.1 An advanced text-mode IRC client
Javachat 0.99b Small chatserver written in Java 1.1.x
Jikes 0.37 Java compiler that translates Java source into bytecoded instruction sets
jmk-x11-fonts 1.1 Jim's character-cell fonts for the X Window System
JSFormatter 0.3.3 Free style-formatter for Java source files
karpski 0.101 Network sniffer/scanner with a GTK interface
KDat 1.99d Tar based tape archiver
KFourier 1.1c An image filtering application which uses the Fourier transform
kicq 0.2.0 ICQ clone for KDE that looks like Mirabilis' ICQ client
KMid 1.2 Midi/Karaoke player with many features
kmp3 0.1.1 A KDE MP3 Player
KNewMail 2.1 KDE application designed to check multiple pop3 servers for email.
KOrganizer 0.9.13 Personal Information Manager for the KDE Desktop Environment
Krabber 0.2.2 KDE audio cd grabber and mp3 encoder front-end
KuickShow 0.5.3 A fast, comfortable and easy-to-use image viewer/browser
Lesstif 0.86.5 LGPL'd re-implementation of Motif
LinPopup 0.9.3 Linux port of Winpopup, running over Samba.
Linuxconf 1.12r4 Sophisticated administrative tool
lm_config 0.0.5 GUI to configure Alexander Larsson's lm78 kernel module
Loadmeter 1.20 System monitoring app for X11 that displays stats and info
lsof 4.37 List open files
ltrace 0.3.4 A library call tracer
Lynx 2.8 fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser
Mesa 3.0 3-D graphics library which uses the OpenGL API
MikMod 3.0.4 Multi-platform open-source module player
mod_ssl 2.0.11-1.3.2 Apache Interface to SSLeay
mr 0.9.4 Console based mail reader
muh 2.02 Full-featured IRC bouncing tool
MySQL 3.22.7b SQL (Structured Query Language) database server
NcFTPd 2.3.1 High-performance File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for UNIXsystems
Nessus 980914 A free, open-sourced and easy-to-use security auditing tool
NEStra 0.4 Dynamic-Recompiling NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator
Netscape Communicator 4.5PR2 All-in-one browser and communicationssuite
Netscape Flash Plugin 0.2 A Netscape plugin to view Macromedia-Shockwave-Flash files.
Nevermind Who 0.1.0 GUI for rwho with face/image display for each login
News Peruser 3.31 An offline newsreader for Linux and X11
npasswd 2.01 Replacement for the passwd command
ObjectTeam for Linux PE 8.1.1 Beta 2 Object-oriented modeling and design for Linux
oidentd 1.0 ident (rfc1413) daemon for linux that allows users to specify usernames
ORBit 0.3.0 Thin/fast CORBA ORB
PathFinder 1.0.0 A personal web search engine
pavuk 0.9pl3 Webgrabber with an optional Xt or GTK GUI
PentiumGCC snapshot 19980921 Pentium/ PPro/ P-II/ K6/ Cyrix/ MMX optimising egcs clone
perlmoo 0.021 lambdamoo style moo written in perl
PHP 3.0.4 HTML-embedded scripting language
Pine 4.04 Tool for reading,sending, and managing electronic messages
pircd Alpha Zero An IRC daemon, written in Perl.
PnP driver for Linux snapshot 980913 Plug and Play driver for Linux
PySol 1.02 A Python-based Solitaire card game
QtDragon 0.6.3 A tool to configure the telephone-related stuff of a DataBoxSpeed Dragon
rdbm 0.2 reliable database library
Replay 0.50 GTK-based MP3 player for X11
Saint 1.3.1 Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool
Samba 2.0.0 alpha 6 Allows clients toaccess to a server's filespace and printers via SMB
sar 0.2 Command-line search and replace tool written in Perl.
Scirc 0.40 An IRC client in Guile Scheme
Squid 1.2beta25 High performance Web proxy cache
ssh 2.0.9 Remote Login Program
sudo 1.5.6 Provides limited super user priviledges to specific users
The Board 0.1.2 BBS Software for Linux
TkDesk 1.1 Tk/tcl based X11 Desktop/File manager
TkReq v8.0 19980921 X Windows interface to the req system, written in Tcl/Tk 8.0
trn 4.0.69 Text-based newsreader with threading
TrueReality 1998090701 N64 Emulator
twz1jdbcForMysql 1.0.0-GA A type 4 JDBC driver for MySQL
VaS 0.3a Vote and Survey scripts
VM 6.62 Emacs-based mail reader
wmakerconf 1.1 GTK based configuration tool for WindowMaker window manager
WMiNET 1.0.0 A dockable applet for monitoring all your inet daemon activity
WMPPP 1.3.0 WindowMaker frontend to PPPD
WN 2.1.0 A simple, robust Webserver whose design emphasizes security
Word Inspector 0.1a GTK frontend to Dict dictionary program
www-sql 0.5.6 Displays information from MySQL or PostgreSQL databases in web pages
X-Chat 0.1.3 GTK+ Based IRC Client. Alot like AmIRC (Amiga).
X-Mame 0.34b3.1 The Un*x version of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
Xafe 1.0 A frontend for XAnim
XawTV 2.26 TV application and a few utilities
XCmail 0.99.6 Stable MIME and POP3 capable mailtool for X11
XFCE 2.1.0 Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11
Xscreensaver 2.28 Modular screen saver and locker for the X WindowSystem
Xsql 2.1.7e01 A Java based interactive SQL editor which uses Swing/JFC pluggable GUI

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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