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Debian has provided new versions of tcsh that fix problems with long filenames.


David A. Gatwood has made available a New GENERIC-01 kernel, swiftly followed (as often happens) by a New GENERIC-01a kernel.

Red Hat

From the Red Hat mailing lists, it was gleaned that Red Hat is working on ldap support within pam, pwdb and more. Presumably, then, if everything goes well, some result of this work might showup in Red Hat 5.2.


S.u.S.E. has started bunding Applixware 4.4.1, KDE, GNOME, the Gimp and ADABAS D Personal Edition as part of their Linux Office Suite 99 product, scheduled to start shipping October 12th.

September 24, 1998

Please note that not every distribution will show up every week. Only distributions with recent news to report will be listed.


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