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For those wanting a bleeding edge compiler for S/Linux, Christian Joensson has uploaded a whole set of RPM's for egcs-1.1b for the Sparc. See the announcement for information on how to get and install this release.

A new pre-release version of SILO is available for testing; Jakub Jelinek's note explains how to get it, as well as describing the new features.


We saw the first posting regarding the Metro-X server on Alpha machines. The user was quite happy with the product, read the posting if you're curious.

One person out there has actually figured out how to run Word Perfect 7 under Alpha Linux. It is done with 'em86', and the instructions on how to do it can be found on this web page.

Nils Faerber has set up the Linux Alpha Archive, a repository of information on how to make things work on Alpha systems. He has just gotten started with it, and would certainly welcome contributions of useful information.


The question was asked: has anybody made LinuxPPC work on Motorola Starmax machines? The answer appears to be "yes." Interested parties should wander over to the LinuxPPC for the Starmax page. This page appears to have a lot of good LinuxPPC information in general.

There is a lengthy article in Thessa Source about installing Linux on PowerPC systems. The author goes through his experience and frustrations, which were non-trivial. Check it out and see what he went through.

Numerous PPC users are waiting for bootx - a utility which facilitates the installation and booting of LinuxPPC without messing with firmware settings. Bootx is said to be "nearly ready"; we'll certainly let you know when it is released.

September 24, 1998


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