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Development projects

Apache 2.0alpha Available. In this Freshmeat editorial, Apache developer Jim Jagielski announces, "It was at the closing plenary of ApacheCon 2000, in Orlando FL, that a long-anticipated release of software was announced: an alpha release of Apache 2.0. With a few short keystrokes, the Apache Software Foundation announced to the crowd of developers at AC2K that Apache 2.0a was available for download." You can find Apache's announcement and download the new code here.

VA Linux Pumps Up Developer Resources (E-Commerce Times). Here's an E-Commerce Times article about VA Linux Systems' compile farm. "CompileFarm will initially allow testing on Linux distributions by Caldera, Debian, Red Hat Linux and Slackware, along with FreeBSD. The service allows developers to switch to any supported distribution, from a single command line, for the purpose of compiling and testing programs in multiple environments."

Application of the week: LavaPS (Linuxcare). LavaPS is Linuxcare's application of the week. LavaPS is described as a combination lava lamp and process listing utility. "For me, system administration has never been easier. Take a look at top next to LavaPS in the screen shot and decide for yourself which one you prefer..."


Mozilla Crypto. The first crypto-enabled builds of Mozilla are now available on-line, including support for SSL, the Security Advisor, and IMAPS.

O'Reilly Interviews Mozilla Leaders. The O'Reilly Network has published an interview with Mozilla manager, Mitchell Baker, and main archtect, Brendan Eich. "And one of the goals of Mozilla is to try to integrate the traditional Open Source community and methods and development styles, and the strength of that world with corporate, commercial involvement."


Andover.Net to work on MySQL. Andover.Net has announced that it is joining an effort to add database replication to MySQL.


YAMS 0.6.1 has been released. YAMS (Yet Another Merchant System) has released version 0.6.1. Besides the bug fixes and other new things, this is the first version to be placed in Sourceforge's anonymous CVS.


SEUL-EDU Linux in Education Report. The March 13 SEUL-EDU Linux in Education Report is now available. The primary topic this week is Linux in homeschooling environments.

Embedded Linux

Report: real-time Linux at CeBIT. Bernhard Kuhn has posted a real-time Linux at CeBIT report with a summary of activities around RTLinux at this large conference.


Dungeons & Dragons to go open-source? (Salon). This Salon article looks at the possiblity of an Open Source version of the popular role-playing-game, Dungeons & Dragons. "The plan is to release basic information on how to create characters for a D&D-like role-playing game under a license that allows anyone to build games based on those rules."

The Nebula Device. Radon Labs, a developer of commercial games, is the driving force behind The Nebula Project, an SDK which they have licensed as free software. Their latest development release is 2000-03-14.


Web100 Workshop Outcome. As a result of the Web100 Workshop, held in October of 1999 to look at ways to improve data transfer performance over large pipe networks, a three-year proposal has been submitted to the National Science Foundation to support research and development in this area. For some more background, check out our October feature article on the Web100 project.

"Early in the second year of the project, Web100 will produce a complete CD-based Linux distribution ... the Web100 kernel patch set, libraries and tools will be added to the selected base distribution."


Samba. This week's Samba Kernel-Cousin has all the latest Samba news and discussions, including an update on Windows 2000 compatibility.

Wine. This week's Wine Weekly News talks about Windows API testing for Wine and support for non-Linux platforms while evolving Wine.

Office Applications

For a comparison of Linux wordprocessors, check out Linuxcare's product comparison chart, based on user contributed comments. They are missing feedback on LyX and currently show Corel's Wordperfect 8 at the top of the pack. It was interesting to note that the free software wordprocessors Abiword and Kword scored higher than Star Office 5.1 and Applixware 5. That is impressive, considering, for example, that Abiword is still pre-alpha software.

AbiWord Weekly News. The AbiWord Weekly News for March 8 is out. Support for Hungarian has been added and Joaquin Abela's patch to dd command-line file format conversion support has been integrated, along with many other contributions.

For March 15th, the AbiWord Weekly News takes a look at rulers, and Gnome integration, along with "many diverse and significant design issue".

LyX Development News. News from the Lyx project is getting more detailed. Check out this week's issue for discussions of Rbook, a REBOL dialect for writing documents, and its implications for Lyx, along with other development topics.

On the Desktop

Magellan available for download. The first public release of the Magellan personal information manager application is now available for download. Magellan, a KDE application, looks to have some nice features; see the screenshots page for some examples.

Adding shortcuts to your Gnome desktop. Linuxmonth has put out a short article demonstrating how to add a shortcut to the Gimp onto your desktop.

KDE Development News. This week's KDE Development Newsindicates that KDE 1.9, a full beta of KDE 2.0, is scheduled for release in May. If that isn't enough KDE news to satisfy you, check out Mosfet's page for updates on Pixie, Konqueror, and XML based toolbar editing.

The Gimp Development News. Check out this week's Gimp Kernel-Cousin for the latest Gimp news.

If you're German, you may want to check out Gottfried Mueller's GIMP pages. [From the Gimp News.]

GConf. Havoc Pennington writes about GConf, the new configuration data storage mechanism for GNOME 2.0 in this week's Gnome developer feature article.


Rlab moves to Sourceforge. Rlab is a GPL'd project that is building a Matlab-like high-level math program. They've announced a recent point release along with their move to Sourceforge. "Rlab does not try to be a Matlab clone. Instead, it borrows what I believe are the best features of the Matlab language and provides improved language syntax and semantics."

Systems Administration

dump/restore development continues. Fans of the dump and restore utilities for file system backup and recovery should be pleased to see another development release, 0.4b16, just a week after the last one. Although this week's release does not include any security fixes, its release is an indication that these utilities, which are in widespread use despite the beta quality of the software, are finally getting some concentrated attention.

Website Development

OpenCMS. OpenCMS describes itself as an "Open Source Content Management System (CMS)". It is Java-based and is licensed under the GPL. Announced at CeBIT, development updates have been appearing on a regular basis for the past month. (Thanks to Bernhard Reiter.)

Midgard Weekly Summary. This week's Midgard Weekly Summaryreports on the Repligard replication system, extensible record support for Midgard 1.2.X, a patch to support PHP 3.0.15 and other development news for this web application development platform.

Zope Weekly News (March 15th). This week's Zope Weekly News is now available, with the latest development news for this web application server.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

March 16, 2000

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Development tools


HP wins round in Java battle (News.com). Here's a News.com article about Lynx's choice of HP's "Chai" Java implementation to bundle with Blue Cat Linux. "The deal is an important endorsement for Chai. HP's software will now be exposed to a larger audience, giving the company more leverage in its discussions with Sun about whether to call off their divisive dispute over Java. However, Linux is a new arrival in the embedded and real-time markets, and it will take time to see whether the open-source operating system will repeat the success it has had so far in the server market."

Sun Microsystems to release Forte for Java source. Sun has announced the release of the source for the "Forte for Java Community edition 1.0" Java development environment. The code will be released under the "Mozilla public licensing model," which presumably means a modified version of the MPL. Code should be available "within the next 90 days."


Perl 5.6 Release Candidate 1. The first release candidate for the upcoming perl 5.6 has been announced.

Perl Certification. A mailing list has been started to discuss Perl Certification, apparently on the theory that enough people want Perl certification that it is likely to come about eventually, therefore it would be better to step to the plate now and keep control of such certification in the Perl community.

perl5-porters is back. The perl5-porters report on perl development is back, after a two month hiatus. As might be expected, it catches up on a lot of activity and discussions.


This week's Python-URL. Here is this week's Dr. Dobb's Python URL. It contains info about optimizing Python programs, the Python 101 cheat sheet, and more.


This week's Tcl-URL covers recent discussions on the Tcl/tk lists.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

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