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Linux and Business

Red Hat Center and 'Center Stage'. The Red Hat Center is a non-profit, private foundation endowed by Bob Young and Marc Ewing, the founders of Red Hat, Inc. The purpose of the Center is to support, promote, and engage in a wide range of initiatives to advance the principles of transparent technology. What is transparent technology? "Transparent technology is the general term Red Hat Center uses to describe any type of technology where the public is permitted to see, understand, and possibly improve on what's being developed." This would naturally include Open Source or Free Software. In order to increase public awareness of open source, the Center has launched a series of public forums at Center Stage. Bob Young kicked off Center Stage last Tuesday, September 12. Look for the following people to host Center Stage in the coming months: Paul Jones, Founder and Director of MetaLab ; Tim O'Reilly, Founder and President of O'Reilly & Associates ; and Brian Behlendorf, Founder and CTO of Collab.Net.

Intel releases computer vision software for Linux. Intel Corporation has announced the initial release of its "Open Source Computer Vision Library." The library provides a wide range of functions, including gesture recognition, object-tracking, face recognition and camera calibration. Its written in C and released under this open source license and can be downloaded at http://www.intel.com/research/mrl/research/cvlib/.

The Open Source Computer Vision Library was first announced at the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in June of this year. It has had two alpha releases prior to this open source release.

More open source releases. Network ICE has jumped into a growth market with this announcement for "Altivore," an open source email surveillance system. Now we all can watch how Big Brother watches us...

Cadence has announced that its "TestBuilder" testbench library, used by "designers, IP developers, and EDA vendors to develop interoperable testbenches for chip or system design verification," will be released under an open source license. A quick glance at the license text shows it to be roughly GPLish in form; it does require a name change if any modifications are made, though.

News from Red Hat. Red Hat has announced the availability of a new set of training courses covering topics like embedded systems, IA-64 engineering, Apache, and secure web server administration.

Red Hat has announced the completion of its acquisition of C2Net.

New at VA Linux. VA Linux Systems has gotten into the network-attached storage market with this announcement of its "9205 NAS" system.

VA's Open Source Development Network has announced the launch of its NewsForge site.

Super Computing. IBM has announced the opening of a "Linux Supercluster Briefing Center" at the University of New Mexico. This center will " assist customers in planning their Linux and Linux clusters plans with IBM, and allow them to benchmark and 'test-drive' key applications"

Terra Soft has announced the availability of a new, eight-node PowerPC cluster product, running Black Lab Linux.

Sandia National Laboratory has put out this announcement on the pending expansion of its "Antartica" Linux cluster. It's growing from "only" 600 nodes to 1600; they expect it to take the 20th spot on the list of the world's fastest computers.

MontaVista announces preemptable kernel. MontaVista Software has announced the availability of its preemptable version of the Linux kernel.

Nokia's 'Media Terminal'. Nokia has announced the (future) availability of its Linux-based Media Terminal, "a powerful infotainment center for the home." There is also a separate press release emphasizing the open source aspects of the system. "Nokia's commitment to the open source community is strong and Nokia therefore intends to make source code available in order to maximize freedom to create applications for the Media Terminal."

Acrylis Inc., launches WhatifLinux Personal Edition. A company called Acrylis, Inc., has announced the availability of "WhatifLinux Personal Edition," which appears to be a software update service. "WhatifLinux Personal Edition provides users with immediate access to software updates, security alerts, patches and the latest open source software information right from their Web browser."

Pogolinux offers free Linux CDs. Pogolinux has posted an offer of a free Linux CD, sent through the mail, to anyone who asks. It even comes with a month of email support. They don't say so, but the design of the entry form suggests they are only prepared to ship within the U.S.

Press Releases:

Open Source Products

Unless specified, license is unverified.
  • Akopia (RESTON, Va.) announced the launch of Akopia Interchange, a widely distributed open-source (GPL) electronic commerce application.

  • BioAPI Consortium (GAITHERSBURG, Md.) announced the public release of Version 1.0 Beta of the BioAPI Reference Implementation.

  • CYRANO (PARIS and NEWBURYPORT, Mass.) disclosed its plans to embrace the Open Source model of development. CYRANO plans to post the source code for OpenSTA (Open System Testing Architecture) beginning with the 0.9.0 developer release, expected by the end of September 2000. OpenSTA will be licensed under the GNU GPL.

  • eTantrum (NEW YORK) released its non-commercial, open source version of its music identification technology, the Music ID Service, licensed under the GNU General Public License agreement.

  • Reyes Infografica (MADRID, Spain) launched ReyesWorks.com, a middleware visual platform.

Commercial Products for Linux

  • Archaeopteryx Software, Inc (Brookline, MA) announced that it has released the first beta version of its Wing IDE product, an integrated development environment for the Python programming language.

  • Dialtone Internet, Inc. (FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.) a provider of Linux dedicated hosting and colocation solutions, announced "Wholesale 4 Success", a program offering prospective resellers dedicated servers at wholesale price levels.

  • Essential Communications (ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.) announced the availability of a High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) networking package for Linux users.

  • LinuxForce.net (Philadelphia, PA) announced its newest product, AdminForce Remote, system administration and monitoring tool.

  • Loki Software has announced an agreement to port the game Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns to Linux. It will be released "near-simultaneously" with the Windows version in the first quarter of 2001.

  • PolyServe (BERKELEY, CA.) announced the immediate availability of LocalCluster, PolyServe's software-only solution offering high availability (HA) and load balancing for web, file, email, and TCP/IP servers.

  • SteelEye Technology Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced the release of a High Availability (HA) Database Server Solution for Oracle 8i. Combined with Oracle 8i, SteelEye's LifeKeeper for Linux clustering software provides enterprises with a solution for ensuring high availability of business-critical applications running on Oracle 8i database servers.

Products Using Linux

  • Blue Wave Systems Inc. (CARROLLTON, Texas) will demonstrate its ComStruct high density Voice and Fax over IP solution with a Linux-based system host single board computer.

  • Metro Link Inc. (FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) announced its new MATRIX technology for use with UPnP.

  • Myplay, inc. (PASADENA, Calif.) has a Myplay interface to an MP3 car stereo that contains a 25GB hard drive, Ethernet connection, and runs Linux.

  • NEC has announced its "Express5800/120Rc-2" server, which can be had with (Red Hat) Linux preinstalled.

  • Visual Circuits (MINNEAPOLIS) introduced Firefly, a Linux-based, compact, multichannel video player.

  • ZNYX Networks (ATLANTA) announced the new OpenArchitect CompactPCI switch, which uses Linux for switch management.

Products with Linux Versions

  • Computer Associates International, Inc. (ISLANDIA, N.Y.) announced the general availability of Unicenter TNG Software Delivery Option (SDO) 3.0, an eBusiness solution that accelerates and automates the delivery of software and other digital content to resources across the enterprise.

  • Dirig Software, Inc. and Bradmark Technologies, Inc. (PHILADEPHIA) announced NORAD, a complete enterprise management solution combining the systems and applications management functionality of Proctor from Dirig and the database management capabilities of Bradmark's DBGeneral.

  • Dirig Software, Inc. (NASHUA, N.H.) announced full integration of its RelyENT enterprise applications management solution into Aprisma Management Technologies' SPECTRUM v6.0 network management product.

  • Evoke Communications (LOUISVILLE, Colo.) announced the availability of Evoke Collaboration 4.2, a real-time, online presentation service.

  • Gordano Ltd. (NEW YORK) announced the immediate availability of NTMail 6.0, a major upgrade to the company's Internet mail server solution.

  • Mail.com, Inc. (NEW YORK) announced that it has partnered with Net400 to provide its IP Fax services to IBM AS/400 customers.

  • Piranha, Inc. (FREEHOLD, N.J.) announced availability of Piranha Net, a compression software solution.

  • Progress Software Corporation (BEDFORD, Mass.) announced Progress SonicMQ 3.0, the next generation of its E-Business Messaging infrastructure.

  • Rackspace Managed Hosting (SAN ANTONIO) announced the launch of its new security offerings and managed security services. These dedicated security solutions can be applied to single servers or server clusters that run on Linux, NT, Win2000, Solaris and other UNIX platforms.

  • Symantec Corp. (CUPERTINO, Calif.) announced Norton Ghost 2001, a utility designed for PC and small business users for system upgrading, backup, and recovery. New with this version is support for the Linux EXT2 file system.

  • UniBar, Inc. (ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.) demonstrated e-BARCODE 2000, that enables users to print the General Motors 1724 label series from a web application via a browser.

  • Viewgraphics, Inc. (IBC, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands) announced the availability of DTV:Net 2.0, the newest version of the company's solution for streaming MPEG-2 over industry-standard Ethernet networks.

  • Vsoft Ltd. (AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands) announced the launch of VideoClick@Home, a standards- based, open architecture software for the delivery of video services to homes over broadband IP infrastructure.

  • Young Minds, Inc. (REDLANDS, Calif.) has begun shipping PowerCD Studio, a new version of its controller-based CD-Recording (CD-R) solution.

Java Products

  • Ganjo (STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.) announced the release of Ganjo Application Server Version 2.0, a tag-based, cross-platform web application server written entirely in Java. The company is also actively considering releasing the product as an open-source project.

Support and Service

  • BeOpen.com (SANTA CLARA, Calif.) announced today the launch of its PythonLabs Professional Services Program.

Books and Training

  • Linux Journal (SEATTLE, WA) announced the publication of Embedded Linux Journal, a special supplement to be released in October 2000.

  • O'Reilly (Sebastopol, CA) just released the second edition of "Database Programming with JDBC and Java", which describes the Java interfaces that make portable object-oriented access to relational databases possible.

  • OpenAvenue (ATLANTA) announced that they have joined a group of sponsors to promote and host the CollabDev Seminars, examining the issues and advantages for open standards and the collaborative development process.

  • SGI has announced the availability of a set of Internet-based training courses aimed at LPI certification.


  • AudioCodes Limited (ATLANTA) Performance Technologies, Inc. and Motorola Computer Group recently demonstrated an integrated, carrier-grade Signaling System 7/Internet protocol (SS7/IP) media gateway which uses Motorola's high-availability, Linux-based, CompactPCI chassis.

  • Centura Software Corp. (REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.) announced its participation in EMBLIX, the Japan Embedded Linux Consortium. EMBLIX was announced in the July 27, 2000 edition of LWN.

  • Merlin Software Technologies International Inc. (BURNABY, British Columbia) announced that it has become a VA Linux Solutions Partner.

  • MIICRO, Inc. (CHICAGO) has agreed to purchase a parallel computing cluster based on PowerPC microprocessors from Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., Loveland, CO. MIICRO will use this Linux-based, high-speed computing environment to advance the development of its neuroinformatics services.

  • NETmachines, Inc. (PLEASANTON, Calif.) announced that it has signed an agreement with Marketlink Technologies, to outsource sales and marketing of its Linux-based server appliance solutions.

  • SteelEye Technology Inc. (MOUNTAIN View, Calif.) announced a new systems integrator alliance with SoftNet Solutions. The partnership enables SoftNet Solutions to incorporate SteelEye's high availability clustering software for Linux with SoftNet's enterprise systems integration and consulting services.

  • WireX (PORTLAND, Ore.) aims to move its Immunix (a Linux distribution) family of products and technologies to Taiwan and Mainland China through a partnership with TSC.

Investments and Acquisitions

  • Cirpack (SURESNES, France) announced its acquisition of Netbricks (formerly Omnitel). This acquisition means that Cirpack can integrate the technologies mastered by Netbricks into its own product, such as the Cirpack Call Agent and Gateway which are open platforms based on Compact-PCI standards that run under Linux.

  • Guru.com (SAN FRANCISCO) announced that it has secured $44 million in its Series C round of financing. Red Hat was one of the investors. It seems that Red Hat and Guru.com plan to build a project marketplace for the open source Linux community.

  • NewMonics, Inc. (LISLE, Ill.) announced that it has secured $8 million in its second round of venture capital led by DynaFund Ventures. NewMonics is a telecommunications company using real-time Java and embedded Linux technology.

  • Quicknet Technologies, Inc. (ATLANTA) announced the purchase of Australia-based Equivalence Pty. Ltd., the creators of the OpenH323 project.

  • Wasabi Systems, which offers support and services around NetBSD, has announced its first round of venture financing.

Financial Results

  • eOn Communications Corporation (MEMPHIS, Tenn.) reported fourth quarter revenues of $10,772,000 compared to revenues of $15,201,000 for the fourth quarter of fiscal 1999.


  • EBIZ Enterprises Inc. (SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) announced that Tim Jones is joining the company as executive vice president of TheLinuxLab.com, a division of EBIZ.

  • Linbox (Paris) announced the appointment of Jean-Pierre Laisné as its president and chief executive officer. Here's the same announcement in French.

  • The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SANTA CRUZ, Calif.) (SCO) announced that it has reduced its worldwide workforce by 19% or approximately 190 employees.

Linux At Work

  • BroadLogic Network Technologies (AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, IBC) announced that TV FILES has chosen BroadLogic's Satellite Express PCI+ card for its horse racing coverage system for SNAI. TV FILES chose BroadLogic's receiver boards, partly because of its support for the Linux operating system.

  • Linux NetworX, Inc. (SANDY, Utah) announced that Rockwell Science Center will be using Linux NetworX clustering technology for simulating aerodynamic fluid flow in the analysis of aerospace systems.

  • TurboLinux has announced that TurboLinux Server is being used by First Credit Bank of Los Angeles as "the underlying operating system of its enterprise infrastructure."


  • The island of Taiwan is gearing up to support Linux users worldwide.

  • TheLinuxStore.com (SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) announced it has doubled its sales force over the past three months and plans to continue expansion through the end of the year as it fills the growing demand for Linux products.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

September 14, 2000


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