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Development projects


New site: mozdev.org. A new web site, mozdev.org, is now open for browsing. Mozdev.org is hosted by Alphanumerica and caters to development projects that are based on the Mozilla project.

Visual XUL Environment, ViXEn. A new development project known as ViXEn has been announced. "Vixen is designed to be a Visual XUL IDE similar to Visual Basic, Delphi, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Glade, but for the XPToolkit technology developed by the Mozilla project. The initial goal of Vixen is to allow developers to quickly develop professional quality dialogs and windows without having to write any (or at least much) XUL or CSS by hand. The long term goal is to create a comprehensive development environment for rapid development of XUL applications."


SEUL/edu Linux in Education Report. The SEUL/edu Linux in Education Report for September 11 is out. It covers SEUL/edu's trade show presence, and a number of other issues.


Gnome Games (Show Me Linux). Show Me Linux has an article on Gnome Games. Seventeen different games are described in the article.


Wine 20000909 released. A new version of wine, version 20000909 has been announced. This release includes improved Win32 dll loading, more DBCS codepage support, and lots of bugfixes.

Wine Weekly News for September 11, 2000. The September 11 version of the Wine Weekly News is out. The 20000909 release of wine is discussed and there is an interview with Alexandre Julliard concerning the future of Wine.

Network Management

OpenNMS Update for September 12. Here is the OpenNMS Update for September 12 with the latest news from the Open Network Management Software project.

Office Applications

AbiWord Weekly News (Sep 6). The AbiWord Weekly News returns to its regularly scheduled slot with this week's issue. Topics include the Tabs Dialog, a website outage, the imminent release of 0.7.11 and a discussion about AbiWord's development methodology.

LyX Development News. The LyX Development News for September 13 is out. It includes a set of photos from the fourth International LyX Developers Meeting.

On the Desktop

Upcoming release of Snapper development system. Gnome.org has published an article on the upcoming release of the Snapper Development System. " The Snapper Development System enables a Linux GTK+/Gnome application to be "beamed" to a user desktop or web appliance running Linux. Snapper works by embedding the application in an XML file, which can reside in a relational database or on a file or web server, and since the application is GTK+/Gnome based the user will enjoy the "look and feel", and speed of a native Linux program. By using this foundation the possibilities are endless."

An Evangelist for Free Software (Time). Time has added Miguel de Icaza to it's list of 100 most influential innovators for the 21st centry. "In an idealistic corner of the computer world, there is a breed of benign engineers called open-source software programmers. They believe in sharing their work rather than selling it."

Interview of Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman (Linux Planet). Linux Planet's Dennis E. Powell has interviewed Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman. " 'This isn't just about free software,' he (Nat Friedman) says. 'It's about the Internet and communications. Certain types of businesses revolved around communicating data, for instance selling music, selling software, weather services, things like this. Now that we have this communications medium which is becoming fairly ubiquitous, and which allows you to transfer information from one place to another very quickly and at relatively low cost, things are changing--certain businesses are just changing. So people have to come up with new ways of making money. Certain industries will die, and certain companies will not be able to keep up and will also die as a result.'"

GNOME FAQs posted. Version 1.0 of the GNOME Foundation FAQ has been posted. If you have questions about the newly-created Foundation, that's the first place to look. The latest general GNOME FAQ by Telsa Gwynne is also available.

KDE packages are pouring into Debian (Debian Weekly News). The Debian Weekly News talks about getting KDE running under Debian as a result of recent KDE licensing changes. "All of the core of KDE is already present in unstable, and more packages are sure to follow."

The People Behind KDE: Matthias Ettrich. KDE.org's Christine Bastian has published the first in a series of profiles and interviews on KDE developers. The first profile is on Matthias Ettrich , founder of KDE.


Linux Med News' top articles. Linux Med News celebrates the publication of its one hundredth article and has published a list of the best articles posted to the site in the last year.

Web-site Development

BRL 2.1.16. Version 2.1.16 of BRL, the Beautiful Report Language has been released. BRL is a scheme based language for server side web database applications.

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

September 14, 2000

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Programming Languages


Java Push (IBM). IBM's Developer Works has run this article by Shawn Bedard on using code written in Java to push Java applets and applications out of a web server. Source code is included with the article.


New book: Basic Lisp Techniques. A new book, Basic Lisp Techniques by David J. Cooper Jr. has been made available for download in pdf format.


Online interview of Nathan Torkington (IT World). IT World is running an online interview of Perl 6 project manager Nathan Torkington from September 13 through 15. If you have any burning Perl 6 questions, this is a good place to take them.

Perl 6: New From the Ground Up (SD Times). SD Times has run an article that discusses work being done for Perl 6. "While it's been reported that Perl 6 would be rewritten in C++ from its original C, Sugalski said, 'It's far too early to tell in a project this size to be talking about code. It may be C or it may be C++.'"


This week's Python-URL. Here is Dr. Dobb's Python-URL for September 12 with the latest in Python development news.

FPIG: FORTRAN to Python Interface Generator Release 2. A new release of FPIG, the FORTRAN to Python Interface Generator has been released. FPIG is a command line tool that allows FORTRAN code to be called from Python. FPIG is licensed under the LGPL license.

XML Matters (IBM). IBM's developerWorks has run two parts of an ongoing series by David Mertz on integrating XML and Python. Part One introduces XML, Python, and xml_pickle. Part two discusses the use of xml_objectify for making Python objects out of an XML document.

New Python 2.0 documentation packages. A new release of the documentation packages for the Python 2.0 beta 1 release has been announced.


This week's Tcl-URL. Here is Dr. Dobb's Tcl-URL for September 11. Check it out for the latest happenings in the Tcl/Tk world.

Tcl MoveController. A TCL Movie Controller was announced this week. The program is intended to be a: "Tcl-only-QuickTime-look-alike-megawidget-movie-controller".

Autodoc 2.4 released. Autodoc version 2.4 is now available. Autodoc is "an application to convert specially formatted documentation embedded into tcl code into a cross-referenced set of HTML pages describing this code."

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

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