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Development projects


MP3 alternative takes the open source trail (ZDNet). Ogg Vorbis continues to make news as an alternative to the license restricted MP3 format, and ZDNet is watching the development team. "They've made some considerable inroads in the eight months since their first beta release. The format is already supported in the latest version of the Sonique digital music software and in plug-in format for AOL Time Warner's Winamp player."


LDP Weekly News, March 6th. David Merrill has posted the latest issue of the LDP Weekly News. Updates this week were made to the SLIP/PPP, Modem, and LDAP Howto's, among others.


Linux in Education Report #39. Doug Loss has issued the latest Linux in Education Report which covers, among other things, a discussion on user interfaces for kids.


gEDA-gaf 20010304 snapshot. A new development snapshot of gEDA-gaf has been announced This package contains the gschem schematic drawing program and other software. Also on the gEDA site, a new version of the Icarus Verilog compiler has been released.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Linux Newsletter for March 1, 2001 (LinuxDevices.com). LinuxDevices.com has posted the weekly Embedded Linux Newsletter, covering the past week's events in the embedded Linux world.


Wine Weekly News for February 28 and March 5, 2001. The February 28 edition of the Wine Weekly News arrived shortly after LWN published last week. Topics include dealing with TCP/IP from Wine, making a Wine test harness, and library renaming.

Just in time for this week's LWN, here is the March 5 edition of the Wine Weekly News. This week's topics include a Wine speed up, press coverage of Wine, and C coding style.


GTK+, GLib 1.2.9 released. Owen Taylor has announced the release of the latest versions of the GTK family, GTK+ 1.2.9 and GLib 1.2.9. This release includes an experimental theme-engine-only API for themes to change geometry parameters. This makes possible a number of things which were possible only by unsafe-hacks in prior versions of GTK+. The new code is available for download.

Mail Software

Mailman 2.0.2 released. Version 2.0.2 of Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager has been announced. This release fixes a privacy hole and other bugs.

Web-site Development

Webware 0.5 for Python. A new release of Webware for Python is available. "Webware for Python is a suite of software components for developing object-oriented, web-based applications." Release notes are also available for two related components, PSP and MiscUtils.

CMF 1.0beta for Zope Released. Version 1.0beta of CMF has been released. "The Zope Content Management Framework provides a set of services and content objects useful for building highly dynamic, content-oriented portal sites. As packaged, the CMF generates a site much like the Zope.org site. The CMF is intended to be easily customizable, in terms of both the types of content used and the policies and services it provides."

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

March 8, 2001

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Open Source Code Collections
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Programming Languages


Erlang R7B-2 available. A new bug-fix release of Erlang, version R7B-2, is available for downloading.


Open Source Java: Ant (O'Reilly). David Thomson writes about Ant, an open-source XML based alternative to Make in an O'Reilly onJava.com article.

Jikes 1.13 released. Noted in a very brief announcement posted to the news page of the Jikes project: version 1.13 of the Jikes compiler has been released. The Jikes release notes can be found online as well. (Thanks to Mo Dejong)

Revisiting Java technology on the client (IBM devloperWorks). Joseph Sinclair talks about client-side Java in an IBM developerWorks article. "When the Java platform was first announced, it was heralded as the way to take the Web -- a mostly static collection of simple pages -- to a stunning level of interactivity. The primary goal of the Java initiative was to provide developers the ability to create small applications that could run on any client machine and provide highly interactive experiences using a combination of client processing and server-provided data.
Somewhere along the line, much of the Java promise on the client was lost.

Markup Languages

Abstracting the interface, Part II (IBM developerWorks). Martin Gerlach continues his look at XML data and XSL style sheets in an IBM developerWorks article. You might want to read the first article in the series for the full story.

XML tutorial (Troubleshooters.com). This tutorial on XML features an open source perspective on learning XML. The article focuses on Linux and the Apache Software Foundation's Xerces-Java, covering DOM, SAX, and DTD's.


Perl 5 Porters for March 5, 2001. The March 5, 2001 edition of the Perl 5 Porters digest is out. Topics include locale support, finding memory leaks, Unicode, and more.

Perltidy: unobfuscate your Perl code. A new version of Steve Hancock's perl code cleaner, Perltidy is available. Perltidy seems to do a decent job of cleaning up ugly code as shown in this example.


Announcing PHP-GTK. A new use has been found for PHP, talking to GTK. See the announcement of PHP-GTK for the details. "Too often PHP is thought of as only an HTML-embedded Web scripting language. But it is also a very full-featured general purpose language that can be used for much more. One of the goals behind this project was to prove that PHP can be used to write client-side GUI applications."

PHP Weekly News for March 5, 2001. The March 5, 2001 edition of the PHP Weekly News is out. This edition covers the PHP GTK+ extension, PHP and Solid DB 3.5, function renaming, Japanese Multibyte support, and more.


Dr. Dobb's Python-URL!, March 5th. The weekly Dr. Dobb's "Python-URL!" is available. It noted Guido van Rossum's release of Python 1.6.1 to fix the GPL incompatibilities in the license and the Python 2.1b1 release among other things. On the topic of Python 2.1b1, see Guido's announcement.

Python Development Summary, 2001/02/15 - 2001/03/01. The traffic summary for the python-dev mailing has been posted for the period of February 15 through March 1, 2001.

Python Software Foundation launched. Guido van Rossum has announced the launch of the Python Software Foundation, whose job will be "to provide educational, legal and financial resources to the Python community." Among other things, the PSF will hold Python's intellectual property - the copyright to the code. The board of directors is David Ascher, Paul Everitt, Fredrik Lundh, Tim Peters, Greg Stein, Guido van Rossum, and Thomas Wouters.

wxPython for newbies (IBM developerWorks). An IBM developWorks article covers GUI development with the wxPython library. "The wxPython library's windows are real live native windows and can do anything native windows can do, allowing your wxPython program to be a much better-behaved citizen. And the whole shebang can be wrapped into an easy installation package. Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon, but I find all this to be much easier than the same thing under Java."

Recipes wanted for New Python Cookbook. ActiveState and O'Reilly are putting together a Python cookbook, which will be available for download. They are currently looking for "recipies", useful bits of Python code and documentation to be included in the cookbook. More information is available on the Python Cookbook web page.

O'Reilly has also announced the release of the second edition of Programming Python, which has been updated to cover Python 2.0.

PythonWare PY20 for Linux. The PythonWare PY20 Python package is available for Linux in RPM format. "The Pythonware PY20 distribution is a collection of some of the most useful modules packed in a small self installing package. Don't be fooled by its size. This is a complete Python environment."


Moodss-14.0 announced. Version 14-0 of Moodss, the Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Spread Sheet has been announced by Jean-Luc Fontaine. Moodss requires tclpython and a new release of that has also been announced.

ASED Tcl/Tk IDE version 2.0.8 released. A bug fix release of ASED, a Tcl/TK IDE has been announced by Andreas Sievers. ASED is released under the Gnu Public License (GPL).

Alphatk text editor 8.0fc1. A new release of Alphatk has been announced. "Alphatk is a text editor. It's most useful for programmers, those writing a lot of TeX or LaTeX documents, and for editing of HTML source files. It has very rich features to aid in writing and editing files of those document types."

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

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