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Linux and Business

Open source software in EU public administrations. A European Commission initiative called IDA ("Interchange of Data between Administrations") ran a symposium on "Open source software in EU public administrations" back in February. The presentations from the symposium are now available online, in PDF format. The presentations are worth a look; they provide a view into how a number of European governments are looking at open source software.

For those who would rather not deal with PDF files, Stéfane Fermigier has kindly provided us with one of these documents, the conclusions, in plain text. In short, their conclusions are good news for the open source community.

ActiveState launches ASPN Initiative. ActiveState has announced the ActiveState Programmer Network (ASPN), which delivers tools and knowledge to enable programming with open source technologies. For example, the ASPN includes quality-assured binary distributions of Perl, Python and Tcl; multi-language and platform IDEs; technical references, sample code and other helpful information. Access to ASPN is not completely free and open, at least not for all resources that ActiveState has to offer. There are three levels at which developers can join. ASPN Open provides a free online resource for casual and new programmers. ASPN Komodo builds on ASPN Open and is designed for professional programmers. The Komodo IDE and updates for a year are included with ASPN Komodo, priced at $295 for an annual subscription. ASPN Perl includes access to all O'Reilly Perl texts and other Perl programming resources, on top of everything ASPN Komodo offers, and has an annual subscription fee of $495.

Samsung, Lineo form Lineo Korea. Samsung and embedded Linux maker Lineo have formed a joint venture called Lineo Korea.

National Semiconductor, Samurai announce Brazilian Linux system. National Semiconductor and Samurai have announced that, in response to a challenge from the Brazilian government, they have designed an inexpensive, Linux-based computer intended to provide affordable Internet access. It uses a flash drive, and has no moving parts.

BSDi to Become iXsystems, Inc.. The sale of the BSD operating system units to Wind River haven't closed down BSDi. They apparently will be changing their name to iXsystems, licensing BSD/OS from Wind River and concentrating on rack mounted systems, server appliances and advanced systems.

New IBM Chips to Drive Innovative, Lower-Power Internet Appliances. While mostly just hype for new IBM chips, this press release states a fairly obvious point of view for the future of computing. "In the PC environment, one proprietary operating system and one standard chip type defined how the products would look and perform. Internet appliances, however, are expected to take many forms, made possible by software like Linux and IBM WebSphere, as well as adaptable chip technology like PowerPC IAP."

Linux Stock Index for April 12 to April 18, 2001

LSI at closing on April 12, 2001 ... 29.47
LSI at closing on April 18, 2001 ... 31.83

The high for the week was 31.83
The low for the week was 29.21

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April 19, 2001


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