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Linux and Business

SUN delivers GNOME 1.4. Sun Microsystems released GNOME 1.4 for Solaris for both the Intel and Sparc architectures. The GNOME 1.4 Desktop package includes Nautilus, GNOME-VFS, Bonobo and GConf. This is an unsupported version serving as a prelude to GNOME 2.x.

Sun sees a great future for GNOME on the Solaris desktop, according to this paper.

netbeans.org expands open source tools. Sun Microsystems also announced that the NetBeans open source project has added more than a dozen additional modules into its open source code base.

VA Linux posts third-quarter loss. VA Linux reported revenue of $20.3 million for its third fiscal quarter, 2001. The company reported revenue of $34.6 million in the same quarter of fiscal 2000. Net loss for the quarter, on a pro forma basis, excluding non-cash and non-recurring charges, was ($0.38) per share.

"The difficult current market environment has significantly impacted our financial results," said VA Linux Systems CEO Larry M. Augustin. "The market is very challenging and the competitive environment is very aggressive. Our focus is on ensuring that we come out of this slowdown strong and well positioned to resume growth. We are balancing cost reductions and management structure improvements with the introduction of exciting new products and services. We have a strong cash position and are confident that we will successfully navigate the current business conditions."

Synplicity Announces Support for Linux. Synplicity announced it plans to add support for the Linux operating system to its entire portfolio of semiconductor design and verification products.

Great Bridge Lays Off Five Employees. Great Bridge, which offers commercial versions of the PostgreSQL database, has laid off five people, mostly in technical support roles, but has no plans for further layoffs and actually expects to continue hiring sales and engineering staff.

LPI-News, May 2001. The Linux Professional Institute has posted its summary of news from the Linux certification arena.

Mundie round 2. Last week, we said no more Mundie, but there was a deafening clamor among our readers for more Craig Mundie material. Well, maybe not, but here's a followup piece in ZDNet with more of his wisdom:

When comparing the commercial software model to the open-source software model, look carefully at the business plans and licensing structures that form their foundations. This comparison leads to the conclusion that the commercial software model alone has the capacity for sustaining real economic growth. Intellectual capital has always been, and will remain, the core asset of the software industry, and of almost every other industry. Preserving that capital--and investing in its constant renewal--benefits everyone.

Meanwhile, from Eric Raymond, we have an analysis of Microsoft's 'Shared Source' program.

We here at Microsoft call this 'protecting intellectual property rights in order to create a sustainable business model'. Um, that would be *our* intellectual property and *our* business model. You surely weren't thinking we cared about *your* business or *your* rights, were you?

Linux International also rejects 'Shared Source' in favor of open source.

Linux Stock Index for May 17 to May 23, 2001.

LSI at closing on May 17, 2001 ... 32.71
LSI at closing on May 23, 2001 ... 33.83

The high for the week was 34.45
The low for the week was 32.71

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May 24, 2001


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