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The LWN 2001 Linux Timeline

2001 was yet another interesting year for the Linux community. The bubble economy was long past, and reality caught up with most Linux companies. Some did not survive, and most of the rest are smaller and far more careful. But Linux is stronger than ever, and continues to grow.

One again, LWN has put together an annual timeline listing the highlights of the year. This is the final version of the 2001 timeline. Of course, there is certainly something important thate we have still missed; if you notice a glaring omission, please drop us a note at timeline@lwn.net so we can get it fixed.

For those who have not seen them, the previous years' timelines are still available:

The 2001 timeline

The timeline is split up into individual months, for quick loading and ease of access.

If you prefer, you may also:

See also the change log to see what has been added in later versions of the timeline.


The 2001 LWN.net Linux Timeline was produced by Jonathan Corbet with input across the net.

Thanks to the following who have helped to make the 2001 timeline more complete.

  • Raphael Bauduin
  • Ted Clark
  • Richard Cohen
  • Jon Danzig
  • Shawn Gordon
  • Peter Green
  • Laurence Hunter
  • Chuck Mead
  • "Penguinoflight"
  • Mike Phillips
  • Erik Ratcliffe
  • William Stearns
  • Roland Trique
  • Stephen Waters
  • Jim Welch
  • David A. Wheeler

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