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See also: last week's Development page.

Development tools

PSA has opened the Python development source tree. Access to the Python CVS tree, which tracks pre-release source code and development snapshots, was previously restricted to PSA (Python Software Activity) members. However, recent polling of the membership showed overwhelming support for opening up the development source code tree. For more information, check out their CVS page.

Chad Netzer was kind enough to forward us the announcement made to comp.lang.python. He also mentioned that PSA is, as always, still looking for new members and for ideas on ways to provide incentives and benefits to their members. For more information on PSA, check out their website.


A tip for running JDK1.2pre1 on Slackware was posted by Gerrit Cap. He reports that it is running "perfectly" under Slackware 3.6.

Due to an error on this editor's part, we failed to mention last week that Sun licensed several of the Java standard extensions (Java 3D, Java Media Framework, Java Advanced Imaging, and Java Sound) to Steve Byrne on behalf of the Blackdown porting team. Steve demonstrated Java 3D at the LinuxWorld Expo and expects it to be generally available within a few weeks. Java 3D is implemented using Mesa 3.0.

Some Linux JDK1.2 font tips were posted by Kazuki Yasumatsu in response to complaints that the jdk1.2 fonts do not behave like the jdk1.1 fonts. Basically, he provides instructions on how to use your favorite TrueType and Postscript Type1 fonts instead of the TrueType fonts included in the JDK1.2.

JAnalyzeProfile is a performance analysis tool for JDK 1.2 recently published by Nathan Meyers. His note indicates that JAnalyzeProfile is a perl script that can help finger hotspots.


A mailing list to discuss Perl Genealogical software has been created. The Perl-GEDCOM list can be used for discussing any perl-based genealogical software, whether or not it is based on the GEDCOM format.

Wolf Busch has released Lisp 1.1, his version of Scheme implemented in Perl. The web-site and all related documentation are in German.


PySequence_In in 1.5.2b2 was missing. This error was caught and reported by Brad Clements. Guido von Rossum responded with patches to fix the problem.

The alpha release of PilGraph, a PIL-generation simple graphing/plotting module, was announced by Richard Jones.


Beta testing of GNU Smalltalk 1.6 has started. Paolo Bonzini, the "unofficial" maintainer, posted this note describing the features of the new version.


New versions of Jacl and Tcl Blend can be downloaded from the Scriptics Tcl/Java web site. More information is available in the announcement.

This week's Tcl-URL! is now available.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

March 18, 1999



Development projects


Version 5.2 of the Coda distributed file system has been released. Coda has a lot of interesting features, worth a look if you haven't seen it before.


Ganymede 0.98 has been released. This note from Jonathan Abbey covers the major changes in this latest release of the Ganymede network directory management system. Ganymede is licensed under the GPL and written in Java.


Updated GNOME packages

High Availability

The Linux High Availability web-site has been updated. In addition, Horms posted a brief LinuxWorld Expo report, focusing on high availability.


Now that the bug fix releases 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 are done, development for ht://Dig, , will be moving in new directions. Geoff Hutchison reports that some significant amount of new code has been added to the 3.2 source. Major improvements include changing the database backend to support phrase searching and allow for parallel indexing and searching, and adding support for retrieving documents through FTP, news, HTTP/1.1 and other protocols. Plans for a more logical organization for the documentation are also beginning. Interested contributors should go to the ht://Dig developer's page.


The request for KDE translators has been filled. Martin Konold reports that their list of volunteers is now complete and expressed his thanks.

Updated KDE packages


The Linuxconf web site has been updated and has been drawing praise on the mailing lists. The site reports that the latest release of Linuxconf is 1.14r1, which is dated March 14th, 1999. Jacque Gelinas commented that the important changes to the site are its dynamic qualities. As a result, instead of releasing a new version once a month with a changelog coming out 2 weeks later, he can release a new version once a week, with an up-to-date changelog the same day.


Magicfilter is in need of a new maintainer. This note includes a posting from the former maintainer of magicfilter who has given up on trying to get out an updated version. He's got soem substantial improvements to the engine code completed, but more work needs to be done if magicfilter 1.3 is ever to see the light of day ...


A source code beautifier for mgp has been created by Fabien Coelho and is available from his homepage.


A tutorial on extending Mozilla has been written by Heikki Toivonen and made available on Doczilla.


An Xsun24 rewrite of the Creator/Creator3D/Elite3D driver, developed by Jakub Jelinek and David Miller, is available in a test release. They are looking for feedback so they chase down any potential show stopper bugs and then offer it for public use. If you are interested in helping with the testing process, check out their announcement.


Wine release 990314 has been announced.

A contract between Corel and Cygnus was announced on March 9th, under which Cygnus will modify the GNUPro development environment to support programming conventions used in Corel's existing Windows development tools, essentially by enhancing support for the Wine environment. Some additional details on the arrangement were posted to the wine-devel mailing list. However, Bertho Stultiens posted this followup, with comments on why this arrangement may help Corel, but does not actually help the Wine project, which needs to work with current tools and not future Microsoft-specific compiler extensions.


The Weekly Zope News has arrived from author Amos Latteier . In the style of the TCL-URL! and Python-URL! reports, it provides links to discussions of interest to those following Zope. This week, it touches upon future support for WebDAV, Zope and Frontier interaction and comparisons, and a Zope/Dreamweaver integration effort.

The Zope Documentation Project can be found at http://zdp.zope.org.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh


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