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Embedded Linux Expo & Conference. Applied Data Systems will be displaying its new "plug and play" embedded Linux system, on a StrongARM SA-1110 platform at the Embedded Linux Expo & Conference, June 22, 2000.

LinuxFest 2000 - Kansas City. LinuxFest, June 20 to June 24, 2000, welcomes Dell and Smartware.

LinuxTag 2000. LinuxTag 2000 is almost upon us. June 29th through July 2nd, Linux fans will be gathering in Stuttgart, Germany, for this annual event. The keynote this year will be by Richard Stallman, UserFriendly's Illiad will be signing autographs and a full conference and exhibit are planned.

LinuxWorld Expo announces keynote speakers. IDG has sent out this announcement naming the keynote speakers at the LinuxWorld Expo this August. They include Michael Dell, Ransom Love, and Joel Birnbaum.

ApacheCon Europe 2000. The official announcement for ApacheCon Europe 2000 has gone out. It will be held in London on October 23-25, 2000. No word on speakers at this point.

User Group News

Linux Users' Group of Davis Meeting. LUGOD will meet on Monday - June 19, 2000 at 6:30pm. The topic will be "GnuCash".


Applied Data Systems, Inc. needs Software Engineer. Applied Data Systems, Inc. in Columbia, Maryland is looking for a Lead software engineer with experience in real-time embedded systems.

June 15, 2000



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
3D Accelerated-X Linux Graphics Drivers 1.1 Downloadable 3D Linux Graphics Drivers
3dfile 0.1.8 OpenGL-based file browser
3DSE patch for XMMS 6 3DSE support for XMMS.
3Dwm 0.1.1 A three-dimensional window manager.
4DOM 0.10.1 A CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C's Document Object Model in Python
4XSLT 0.9.1 Python XSLT processor.
adept 0.4 Webbased learning system
am-utils 6.0.4s5 A filesystem automounter.
amSerialManager 1.2 Serial manager for paid software.
anon_wwwboard 2000.06.13 A Web board that pops the posted subject to the top whenever it is replied to.
apache-userdirldap 1.5 LDAP UserDir lookups for the Apache web server
ApaLogFilter 0.99.002 Filtering tool for web server logs
arianne rpg A Role Playing Game project.
Aspell .31 Intelligent Spell Checker
Audiogalaxy Satellite 0.519 real-time auto resume linux file transfer agent
Aurora redhog.e Graphical init controller for Linux
Austin PM 0.1.0 Project Management in XML.
BAIM 0.7a A BitchX AOL Instant Messenger plugin/module.
balance 2.8 A TCP proxy and load balancer.
Bastille Linux 1.1.0 A comprehensive hardening program for Redhat Linux 6.0.
BauHaus 0.9.5 Java package for network simulation
bayonne 0.3.0 Bayonne is the telephony server of the GNU project
bbackup 0.49 sophisticated backup script
Berkeley DB 3.1.14 Provides embedded database support for traditional and client/server application
Berlin 0.2.0 distributed windowing system
bibmaster 0.3 BibTeX database manager
bidwatcher 1.1.6 tool for eBay users - track and snipe auctions
Big Brother 1.4h Highly efficient network monitor
BIRD 1.0.0 A daemon for dynamic routing of IP and IPv6
BLT 2.4t A 2D plotting extension to TCL/Tk.
bookmarker 2.3.0 WWW based bookmark manager
buffer 0.90 A large-scale command-line general-purpose data buffer.
Build Your Linux Disk 1.0alpha4 Package that helps you to build a floppy Linux distribution.
Buildkernel 1.03 Automates the task of building a Linux kernel
c3t 0.3 Client-server action strategy game.
calc 2.11.2t1 C-style arbitrary precision calculator
cal_up.sh 3.1.1 Automate updates to any Caldera box.
cards.py 0.4 Python playing card class.
Cavalry 0.00 Java Just-In-Time Translator and IA32 Assembler written in Java
cd-2-mp3 0.2-PL A text-based frontend to the dagrab CD ripper and bladeenc MP3 encoder.
CDDB / CDDB_get 1.00 This module/script gets the CDDB info for an audio cd
CDDBP Proxy 1.7 CDDBP to HTTP proxy.
CDR-Toaster 1.07 Tk frontend for cd-burning. Uses mkisofs and cdrecord
cgiLicenseKey 1.2 Serial number-based authorization to run CGI scripts
Chemeq 1.10 A filter for chemical expressions.
chessd 0.2 An Open Source Internet chess server.
ChordApp 0.9 A Java Application to match musical scales to user-defined chords.
CodeCommander 0.6.11 Multi language programming IDE.
Common UNIX Printing System 1.1b5 Internet Printing System for UNIX
Cooledit 3.15.3 Full featured text editor for the X Window System
CoreLinux++ 0.4.24 A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
Courier 0.22 ESMTP/IMAP/POP3/Webmail server.
Courier-IMAP 0.34 IMAP server for maildirs
Coyote Linux 1.20RC2 A single-floppy distribution for sharing an Internet connection.
Cryptogram Puzzle Tool 4.0 Tool for solving simple cryptograms
cvs-nserver Rewritten network-related parts of CVS
cvs2html 1.63 Perl program to transform the 'cvs log' output to HTML
cvsd 0.7 cvsd is a chroot/suid wrapper for running a cvs pserver more securely.
Cyberlist 0.1 Announcement List Server
CyberScheduler template 1.0.1 A CyberScheduler Web-based client/server groupware suite with Palm support.
Cyrus IMAP server 2.0.4 Full featured IMAP server
Dante 1.1.2-pre2 Free socks v4/5 implementation
debris 2.17 A lightweight text mode HTML browser.
DeDoc 0.9 Translates JavaDoc into Java interface code.
diald-top 2.1pl2 A top-like display of diald stats (packets & their time-to-live values).
dkimap 2.17 IMAP4 daemon
dobackup.pl 4.3 Flexible Perl multi-server backup system.
Downloader for X 1.17 Downloads files from the Internet via both FTP and HTTP
dribble 0.1 A simplistic workflow library.
dsproxy 0.2.1 Hijacking proxy for /dev/dsp.
dspspy 1.1.3 A software voice activated recorder.
DVDdb 0.1 Web based DVD database
dwun 0.8d Controls PPP link by client requests for connection
Easysoft Oracle Driver 0.0.3 An Open Source Oracle ODBC driver.
EasyTAG 0.7 A utility for tagging MP3 files.
eCam 1.0 A Webcam application.
ECLI 0.1b2 Eiffel ODBC/CLI access to Relational Databases
eForum 1.03b A Java-based discussion forum component.
EiC 4.2.8 A bytecode C interpreter/compiler
elfvector 0.5 transfer vector for app<->.so linkage on Linux/x86
Email address validation component 2000.06.13 PHP class to verify if a e-mail address is valid
encrypt 0.8 turns plaintext words into encrypted strings in a variety of ways.
Ethereal 0.8.9 GUI network protocol analyzer
Exmh 2.1.2 An X user interface for MH mail
faqprocessor.cgi 0.61 Simple but powerful tool for posting FAQs on the Web.
Figaro's Password Manager 0.50 A GNOME app to securely store and encrypt passwords.
finder_applet 0.1 MacOS like finder applet
floppyfw 1.0.5 A Linux firewall on a single floppy.
Foundation 0.1.1 A real-time multi-player space conquest game.
FreD 0.0.5B Address book software.
Freemed-YiRC Beta0.10 A PHP-based Youth in Residential Care package.
Frood LDAP Browser 1.2.0 Gtk/Perl LDAP Client
FTX 1.3 A text editor for Url Encoded Text.
Fusion GS 1.5 Telnet BBS-like system.
Fwctl 0.27 High level configuration tool for Linux 2.2 packet filters firewall
G-BOOK DeLUXE 1.9 PERL Based guestbook CGI
g3data 1.01 A program for extracting data from graphs.
Gabber 0.6.0 A Jabber instant messaging client for GNOME.
gaim 0.9.19 GTK based AOL Instant Messenger
GamesNET Services 0.1 IRC Services.
gamp 0.2.0 An ncurses-based MP3 player for Linux.
Gcal 3.00 Prints various types of calendars.
gcc-dos 1.0 Cross compiler to create DOS executables on a Linux machine.
gcc-win 1.0 Cross compiler to create Windows executables on a Linux machine.
gd 1.8.3 A library used to create PNG images
GDAM 0.929 Geoff and Dave's audio daemon, dj mixing software.
gdpc 1.25 Visualisation tools for molecular dynamic simulations.
gedit 0.7.9 A GNOME text editor.
Gene 1.2 Genetic explorer for variations of linear fractals.
Genethumb.sh 0.0.5 sh script that creates thumbnails.
GeneWeb 3.05 A genealogy program with a Web interface.
genext2fs 1.1 An ext2fs generator without the need for root privileges.
GGCL 2.1.0 Graph Library, C++, Generic Programming
Giram 0.1.6 Giram is a modeller, written in GTK+
glade-- 0.5.9 An extension to glade to create C++ sources
Gnoguin 2.0 Little animated penguin that follows your mouse cursor
GnoMAME 0.99 A GNOME xmame frontend.
GnomeKiss 0.3 A KiSS doll viewer for GNOME desktop.
GnomePM 0.8.3 GNOME equivilent of the Yahoo! (C) Java Portfolio Manager
Gnood 0.1 A puzzle game that utilizes the ClanLib graphics library.
GNU Parted 1.2.0 A partition editor, for creating, destroying, resizing and copying partitions.
GNU Smalltalk 1.94.90 A Smalltalk interpreter and libraries.
GnuCash 1.3.100 A program to keep track of your finances
gnujatella 1.0.0-dev4 A Java Gnutella client.
go-moku 0.8 Console based Networked GO-MOKU aka Five in row game.
GOB 1.0.1 Preprocessor for building GTK+ Object
GQmpeg 0.7.2 A front end to the mpg123 mpeg audio player
grepmail 4.41 Searches a normal or gzipped mailbox for a given regularexpression
GtkExtra 0.99.7 A widget set for GTK+.
GtkHx 0.5 A GTK+ Hotline client.
GTKstereograph 0.14a A GTK user interface for stereograph 0.19 and above.
GTKtalog 0.0.18 Fast Disk Catalog using a friendly interface.
gwrap 1.0 Linux dedicated server wrapper
hex2rgb and rgb2hex 0.2.1 Tool to convert between the RGB values of a color and their hex representation
HoMaC 0.4pre3 A tool to manage hundred of hosting sites with a Web browser.
hostinfo 2.0 Utility for looking up hostnames and IP addresses.
HPE 0.5.5 A PHP news portal engine.
HPTalx 1.1.0 An HP48/HP49 calculator to PC comm program.
HtmlHeadLine.sh 6.2 Script that automatically fetches news headlines.
httptunnel 3.0.1 Creates a two-way data tunnel through an HTTP proxy
httptype 1.3.5 Identifies which HTTP server is running on a given host.
HTTrack 2.02b An offline browsing utility.
Hyper-Text Cross-Referencing Article Database 0.2.4 A PHP/MySQL article database with automatic cross-referencing.
Hyperschema SQL schema hypermapper 1.0 SQL database schema hypermapper
IA-64 Developer's Kit IA-64 Linux developer's toolkit for Linux/x86 systems.
IBM JDK for Linux 1.3.0 Linux software development kit used to build and run Java applications
Ide.php 1.2 A web-based editor for PHP.
IMHO-DE 1.3 Module for activating the German language for IMHO v.0.97+.
Infinity 1.0 Roguelike Game
Intel P6 Microcode Update Utility 1.0 A utility to upload new microcode to Intel P6 microprocessors.
International Components for Unicode (C/C++) 1.5.0 IBM Classes for Unicode (ICU) enable you to write fully cross-platform programs
Internet Document and Report Server 1.3 An Internet-based report server.
IPchains Firewalling Module for Webmin 0.80.1 A Webmin module for configuring an IP Firewall based on IPchains.
ipmkchains 0.15 A Linux Firewall Chain Manipulation Tool.
ip_masq_msn 0.01 A Linux masquerade module for MSN Gamezone Games.
ircd 2.10.3p1 The original IRC daemon, mainly used by IRCnet.
ircdconf .1 an ircd.conf editor
ivtools 0.8.3 Application frameworks for drawing editors and spatial data servers
j 0.4.0 A programmer's editor written in Java.
Jacl 1.2.6 Tcl shell implemented in Java, a perfect way to add scripting to a Java app.
jEdit 2.5pre6 Powerful text editor
Jetty 2.4.4 HTTP/1.1 Servlet server written in Java
JHTML 1.0pre3 A Java-based HTML editor
jpig 1.0b text-mode color jpeg image viewer/browser
jsnmp 0.2 Java2 libraries for SNMP v1 & v2
Kard 1.2 An educational game for very young children.
Kccc 0.9 A KDE frontend for the CD Cover Creator.
KCDLabel 0.2 A CD label, cover, and booklet creator for KDE/QT
kdbg 1.1.4 A graphical KDE front end to the GDB debugger. Also used by kdevelop.
KDE Flash ScreenSaver 1.0 Flash Movie Screensaver for KDE
KDVD 0.1 A DVD player.
kinput2control 0.1.1 A KPanel applet to control kinput2.
KMail A powerful email client for KDE
knapster 0.11-1 KDE napster client.
KTouch 0.6 A touch-typing tutor program.
LCDproc clients for distributed.net 1.0 Two LCDproc clients to display stats from distributed.net clients or proxies
libmdate 0.0.4a Mayan date library
libneural 1.0.2 A simple backpropagation neural network implemented in C++.
liboe 0.9 Library for importing Outlook Express 5 mailboxes.
libsum 0.5 An Implementation of the SUM reliable message transport layer.
libxml++ 0.1 C++ interface to XML files.
Linux Intrusion Detection System 0.9.6 Linux Kernel-Based Intrusion Detect System
Linux VPN Masquerade 2.2.16 Masquerade support for IPSec and PPTP VPN traffic
Liquid War 5.3.1 An original multiplayer game; your goal is to eat the other player's fighters.
logalyze 0.01 Produces HTML-statistics of e-mail usage for each user and system in total.
ltiselect 1.0 select(2) for threads.
M3X 0.1.9 An all purpose music-media catalogizer.
mailQ-tip 1.0 Perl script to parse output of Sendmail 8.10+.
MainActor 3.5.3 A multimedia processing package.
manpages-ru 0.4 Russian translations of Linux manpages.
ManyaPad 0.3 A simple GUI text editor for Linux.
masqidentd 1.2.0 Ident daemon for Linux systems that use IP Masquerade
massdns 1.0 Fast conversion of raw IP addresses to domain names.
MAT 0.23 An easy-to-use network-configuration tool.
mbcount 0.06b A Web page counter CGI.
Meeting Room Booking System 0.7 Multiple site meeting room bookings.
MemoPanel 5.9 A tiny memo applet on the GNOME panel.
METAGRAF-3D 1.0.3 A graphical editor for MetaPost.
MGSOR 4.2 Multigrid tutorial program.
MIA 1.0a A partial MIPS R2000 simulator in LabVIEW.
Micq 0.4.6 Publically available ICQ clone for the console
Ming 0.0.1a SWF (flash) output library / PHP module
MixMagic 0.1.5 A hard drive sound mixer for GNOME.
Mmucl 1.4.0 Mud client written in Tcl
Mod Snake 0.1.0 Apache 2.0 module for Python modules, CGIs, and embedding.
mode-Db 0.9.3 A PHP/MySQL database object abstraction class.
ModLogAn 0.3.0 A modular logfile analyzer.
mod_backhand 1.0.9 Local-area, heterogeneous web cluster load balancing module for Apache.
mod_dav 1.0.0-1.3.6 DAV protocol extensions for Apache
mod_log_spread 1.0.1 Patch to mod_log_config to allow logging to multicast groups.
mondo rescue 0.970 Generates bootable rescue CD ISOs.
MOSIX 0.97.6 Single-system-image clustering software for Linux.
Motif Launcher v0.1.5 Application Launcher for Motif-MWM or Lesstif-MWM.
MP3-Database 0.5 A tool to manage your MP3 files.
mp3stat 1.0 informational program for all Mp3s
mp3t 0.3 Perl scripts to aid manipulation of mp3 files
mpg123-mysql 0.7 MySQL support for mpg123
mugb 0.0.3 A multi-user, PHP/MySQL-based guestbook
MuX2d 0.2.3 WYSIWYM editor for MusiXTeX.
mwForum 1.2.0 Web-based discussion forum
MyCodePage 0.1 A page to ease the maintenance of index pages for one's programming work.
MyMarket 3 PHP/MySQL Based E-Commerce System
N.I.C.O.L.E. 0.0.4 Nearly Intelligent Computer Operated Language Examiner
napMan 1.0 A Napster server infobot.
ncps 0.493 ncurses based process killer
NeatSeeker 0.15 Simple collection of Java classes for constructing search engines.
NeoMail 1.00 A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
Nessus 1.0.1 A free, open-sourced and easy-to-use security auditing tool
net-tools 1.57 Programs that form the base set of the NET-3 networking distribution
NetEdit 0.2 Multiuser network documentation tool.
NetSaint 0.0.6b1 A relatively simple active network monitor
Netscape Flash Plugin 0.4.10 A Netscape plugin to view Macromedia-Shockwave-Flash files.
netscape.sh 1.2 Netscape frontend script.
Nirvana 0.2 Java Message Orientated Middleware
nmsms 0.05 Newmail to sms announcer
NNTPcache 2.4.0b5 Caching proxy for NNTP servers
Nokia Logo Editor 0.0.1 Nokia operator logo editor.
Nuclinux 0.9.0 A single-floppy Internet Linux system.
oe2mbx 1.2 Windows Outlook Express 5 mailbox to standard Unix mailbox convertor.
omega 0.8.0 Implementation and extension of the M-Technology (MUMPS) standards
OmniBiff 0.10 New-mail alerts for a variety of mail servers (Web mail, POP3, etc.).
oops 1.4.6 An HTTP/FTP proxy.
Open Java Extensions - InfoBus 0.1 Clean-room implementation of Java's InfoBus standard extension
Open Motif Everywhere 2.1.30-1_ICS A distribution of the Motif GUI toolkit built from The Open Group official sourc
OpenGUI 2.80 A very wonderfull C/C++ graphics library
OpenLDAP 1.2.11 LDAP suite of applications and development tools
OpenMerchant-PHP 0.005 A port of OpenMerchant to PHP.
OpenMuscat 0.2.0 High performance probabalistic search engine library.
opennap 0.31 An open source Napster server.
OpenSSH Unix Port 2.1.1p1 Port of OpenBSD's free SSH release to Linux
OpenUniverse 1.0beta3 An OpenGL solar system simulator.
Opera for Linux 4.0a4 A lightweight X11-based Web browser.
Ophelia 0.2 A fully functional open source WAP gateway.
OzBackup 1.0.0 A personal backup system.
p0f 1.7 A passive OS fingerprinting tool.
pam_cryptocard 1.1 PAM module for cryptographic challenge-response authentication
pctail 0.0.1 tail and colorize syslog output
pdf2html 1.2 A converter from PDF to a series of PNGs in HTML pages.
pdftohtml 0.22 A PDF to HTML converter
Perl webmail 2.2.7 A Perl-based Web-mail script.
Perlandar 3.0b Web-based calendar.
PerlBoard 1.1.3 A threaded messageboard written in Perl.
phpDownload 1.1 PHP Download Central
PHPGem 1.7 A generator of PHP-scripts for working with tables on SQL-servers.
PHPHomework Alpha 1 PHP scripts to manage online homework assignments for teachers and student.
phpMyChat 0.12.1 chat system based on PHP and MySQL
phpMyCoCo 0.0.4 Count and comment your Web pages using PHP and MySQL.
phpNewsletters 1.1 PHP newsletter management.
phpRPMBuilder 0.02 A Web-based RPM packaging tool.
phpSecurePages 0.12b PHP4 login and password client authentication.
phpSybaseAdmin 0.0.1 A hack on phpMyAdmin to allow support for Sybase.
phpWebLog 0.2.4 A weblog/news site framework written in PHP.
PhpWiki 1.1.5 A WikiWikiWeb clone written in PHP.
PIKT 1.10.0 An innovative new systems administration paradigm
PingoS-Tipptrainer 0.3.1 Make your touch-system more efficient.
PIO 1.0 Linux device driver for 8255-based parallel I/O boards
Plan 9 3rd Edition The Plan 9 Operating System.
plfingerd 0.3 Finger daemon that replies bogus data and logs every finger request
Pliant 40 Efficient and extendable programming language
pNES 0.1 A Glide-based NES emulator.
Postaci 1.01 A POP3 Webmail application with multilanguage and multidomain support.
PresTiMeL 20000609 A tool to create HTML presentations.
printauthchk 1.0 Fair printer billing and authentication system for lprng.
Pronto! 1.0.0 A full-featured Perl/GTK+ mail client.
pscal 1.10 shell script to create PostScript calendars
Pspell .11.0.1 Portable Spell Checker Interface Library.
PTlink Services 2.7.1 IRC Registration Services
py-bsddb3 2.1.0 A Python interface to BerkeleyDB 3.0.55.
Pybliographer 1.0.3 tool for bibliographic databases manipulation
PyGCS 1.4.0 A very stripped down MUD-like chat-server written entirely in Python.
PySDL 0.0.6 A Python SDL module.
QCad 1.4.1 CAD Program.
QHacc 0.5.2 A personal finance application.
qmfilt 1.0 Mail filter module for qmail
QpThread Library for C++ 1.1.0 Thread library for C++ with support for signals, exceptions, timer etc.
QSuperList 1.1 A nearly codeless listbox for Qt.
QtGantt 0.0.6 A Gantt schematics drawer.
QUB 0.4.0 A front-end for playing any boardgame on your computer.
RabbIT 2.0.5 Mutating, caching webproxy to speed up surfing over slow links
RAPID 5.27 Commodity and stock graphing for technical analysis trading decisions
rawPlay 0.03 Interrupt driven sound player with nifty features.
RealityX IRC 1.1.0 Huge script for KVIrc 2.0.0.
Reed 3.0 An autoscrolling etext reader.
reiserfs 3.6.9 A filesystem which stores the files themselves in a B*-tree, gaining speed.
Revolution IRCd 0.0.8 Fully RFC-compliant IRC daemon
Robochart 2.1 An interactive flow diagram editor.
RoboSim 1.0 A simulated 5-axis robot.
robotd 1.0 A multithreaded TCP/IP robot control daemon.
RotNN.py 1.1.1 Python library to do rotational encryption (rot13, for instance)
ROX-Filer 0.1.24 Drag-and-drop based filemanager.
rpmproc 1.3 simple Perl wrapper to help manage and build RPM packages
rpmsql 1.2 Perl script to place RPM changelog announcements into a MySQL database
Rudiments 0.7 C++ foundation classes.
S10sh 0.1.0 Software for the Canon S10 digital camera.
Sablotron 0.36 XSLT processor
sawfish 0.28 Extensible window manager
Scintilla 1.26 Source code editing component and tiny IDE for Win32 and GTK+.
SciTE 1.26 Small syntax styling editor for Win32 and GTK+
SCREEM 0.2.6 Site CReating & Editing EnvironMent
Seahorse 0.4.8 A Gnome GUI for GnuPG.
SecureNet PRO 3.0.7 Network monitoring and intrusion detection platform for Linux.
Sendmail 8.11.0.Beta3 Powerful and flexible Mail Transport Agent
Sendmail PostgreSQL map patch Sendmail PostgreSQL map patch 1.0 Patch for Sendmail 8.9.3 to allow PostgreSQL maps.
Sendmail Relay Daemon 1.4b1 Dynamic updates to the sendmail access.db file.
Sendpage 0.9.1 Utility for sending alphanumeric pages using the IXO protocol.
SETI@home LRP 0.01 SETI@home client for LRP (Linux Router Project).
Shadowlands Forum 1.9.4-devel32 Low-resource, robust, friendly telnet chat server with authentication
Shelf 2.2a An embedable fully featured programming language for Linux
SkinLF 0.2.3 A skin "Look And Feel" for Java Swing
Slooze PHP Web Photo Album 0.1 A photo album for Web sites, written in PHP.
SMS Server Tools 1.0.1 SMS send and receive tools for GSM modems.
SMSLink 0.48b-2 Client/server gateway to the SMS protocol
soked 0.3 KDE Sokoban game and position editor.
sortmp3 0.3.1 MP3 uncompressing and sorting script
spasm 0.1.1 Creates packages for Slackware and/or updates Slackware's package database.
spgen-j 0.2 A Stored Procedure tool for Oracle/JDBC.
SQL Relay 0.12 A persistant database connection daemon with C, C++, and Perl APIs.
srm 1.0.0 A secure rm(1).
star trek ency reader 0.7.9 Reads the star trek encyclopedia under linux
Stereograph 0.26 A powerful truecolor stereogram generator.
storemp3 0.2 Store mp3 tags in a database and query them.
SUMUS 0.1.5 A Mus card game server (and client).
Symphero 3.0.1 E-Commerce package based on Perl and Apache.
Synaesthesia 2.1 Program to reperesent music from CD or MP3 graphically.
Sysmon 0.83 Accurate and high performance network monitoring tool.
sysstat 3.2.2 The sar and iostat commands for Linux
tape2mp3 0.0.3 A utility to split tracks out of wav files.
Tcl Blend 1.2.6 Tcl Blend is a Tcl extension that provides access to Java inside Tcl.
TCM 1.99 A collection of graphical editors for different software specification methods.
terra 2.3.0 A feature-packed IRC daemon based on dreamforge
Tetradraw 1.94 Full featured linux ansi editor
the Anomy mail sanitizer 1.19 An efficient filter for sanitizing email messages.
Thorn 0.1.a6 UML Modeling Application
ThoughtTracker 0.5.6 Knowledge base application storing arbitrarily linked notes.
timbot 1.0 A simple C++ factoid-storing IRCbot.
tiny cobol Cobol'74 compiler
TinyLIB 0.2 Tiny game development library
Tk-DVD 0.2 A tcl/tk frontend to the dxr2 dvdplay
tkbabel/tclbabel 0.56 Babelfish frontend - command-line and GUI
tkgate 1.4c A hierarchical digital circuit editor and simulator.
tk_Brief 4.2 GUI for writing letters with LaTeX
Tornado 1.0 A clone of the original C64 game.
TreeDoc 0.5 PHP functions for opening and closing links inside the same page.
Trestlemail 0.8 Automatically redistributes multi-drop Fetchmail
TSE3 0.0.4 TSE3 is a powerful open source sequencer engine written in C++.
TWIG 2.3.1 A web-based IMAP client written with PHP3
twin 0.3.2 A text-mode window manager and terminal emulator.
TWUMenu 0.95 Makes creating and maintaining mouseover menus a snap.
txt2pdf 3.5 A very flexible and powerful PERL5 converter from text files to PDF
UdmSearch 3.0.18 Fast WWW search engine for your site
ULW 0.8 Analyze custom Apache logs for hits by User-Agent and Remote-Address.
Uninet GuestCall 2000 2.0.0 Guest book with HTML tag removal, multi-page viewing, and more.
Unison 2.1 File synchronizer
unixODBC 1.8.9 Provides ODBC 3 connectivity for Unix
unmaintained 0.3 The software that drives unmaintained.sourceforge.net.
Uptime Client 4.13 Keep track of your uptime and compare it with other hosts.
UserIPAcct 0.7h Per User IP Accounting for the Linux Kernel
Utopia3D 0.2 C++ API for 3D games/applications
VacationAdmin 0.5 A Webmin module for vacation (.forward).
VAMP Webmail VAMP 1.9.8-5 Flexible PHP-based Web mail.
vBulletin 1.1.2 A templated and customisable MySQL bulletin board.
VeteScan 06-07-2000 Bulk Vulnerability Scanner
VFS 0.1.2 Virtual File System in PHP.
VFU File Manager 3.01 Extensivelyl featured console (text-mode) file manager.
Viavoice Outloud speech plugin for GAIM 0.2 Adds speech to GAIM using Viavoice Outloud.
ViPEC 2.0.4 Network analyzer for high frequency electrical networks
VisualRoute 5.0b Visual traceroute utility incl. network responde times, map, and whois facility
vmailmgr 0.96.6 Powerful qmail addon package for virtual domain email
vrrpd 0.3 A userspace vrrp implementation
WaveLAN Monitor 0.2 Lucent's WaveLAN WavePoint monitor.
wcd 2.3.2
Web-FTP 0.91b A lightweight Perl/CGI FTP client
WebCalendar 0.9.14 A multi-user PHP/MySQL-based calendar.
Webdistro 06082000 A Web-based software suite.
Webgallery 1.0 Creates a Web-based gallery of images with thumbnails.
WebNap - PHP Napster Client 0.4 A web-based Napster client, written entirely in PHP.
webplay 0.75 Web-based mp3 jukebox and streamer with variable bitrate & stream control.
WeirdX 1.0.13 A pure Java X Window System server
WeSQL 0.26 An HTML extension for SQL.
WHiMp 0.0.12 A GTK+ filemanager.
whowatch 1.4 Console program which displays in real time list of logged users.
WING 0.7 An arcade style space shooter
WinLux Dialer 0.3 A PPP-dialup server/client package.
WMixer 2.0-oss Neat ALSA Mixer for Window Maker with a digital on-screen display
WMpop 0.46 WidowMaker DockApp for monitoring a POP3 mailbox
XCept 3.0 An X11 implementation of the CEPT videotext protocol terminal.
XCmail 1.2 devel 1 MIME and POP3 capable mailtool for X11
XDBM 1.0.18 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
xget 0.01b Frontend for the wget downloading utility.
xIrc 2.3.5
XMail 0.50 An SMTP/POP3/popsync/finger server.
Xmms 1.2.0 X MultiMedia System
XMMS-Solaris 0.5.0 Output plugin for XMMS to play on Solaris audio
xnetload 1.8.1 Displays packet traffic and uptime in an X window
XOSL 1.1.3 An Extended Operating System Loader.
Xplns 3.1.0 Astronomy simulation
XTemplate 0.2.4 A template class for PHP which allows you to separate your code from HTML.
YahooQuote.py 0.1 A Python module for retrieving stock quotes from Yahoo.com.
yaktrack 1.0 A simple, flexible Python-based issue tracking system.
Yet Another News Fetcher 0.3b News fetcher.
YPLib 0.1.2 YPLib is Your Personal Library reminds you to return books to your library.
Zebedee 2.0.0 Encrypting, compressing TCP/IP tunnel
Zebra 0.87 Route Server and Route Reflector daemon
Zipios++ 0.1.3 A small C++/iostream-based library for reading Zip files.
Zsh 3.0.8 Powerful UNIX shell

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