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See also: last week's Announcements page.



wannabees e-mail list. There's a new email list called 'wannabees' (see wannabees.org.) Its a place for present and aspiring Free Software/Open Source Software developers to discuss related logistical and personal issues, e.g.: How do I work on Free Software and make a living doing it?

Dutch Linux & Open Source book reviews. Overzichtspagina NL Linux Recensie is a book review page provided by NL.Linux.org, the "Netherlands Linux Home Page". On it, you'll find a categorized, searchable list of over 40 Linux and Open Source book reviews in Dutch. Readers are also invited to add their own book reviews.


CINA Entrepreneur Day 2000. Open Country, Inc., publishers of Linux and other Open Source desktop software packages, has been selected as one of three Silicon Valley start-ups to speak at the annual Entrepreneur Day conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center on June 10, 2000.

LinuxFest2000 announces more participants. LinuxFest2000, June 20 through 24, 2000 in Overland Park, Kansas has announced some new participants. Red Hat, Inc., JBSi, Vovida Networks and Rational Solutions.

AUUG Annual Conference. The Australian National University, Canberra presents the AUUG annual conference - Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux - June 28 to 30, 2000.

Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum. The Inaugural meeting of the Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum will be on June 27/28 in Austin Texas. Several Linux Real-time companies will be participating.

Embedded Systems Conference Summer. Here's a reminder about the Embedded Systems Conference Summer, running from July 10-12, 2000 in Boston.

Schedule for 2001 U.S. Embedded Systems Conferences. CMP Media's Electronics Group announced the 2001 schedule for the US Embedded Systems Conferences; San Francisco: April 9-13, 2001; Chicago: July 9-11, 2001; and Boston: September 4-7, 2001.

Businesses Embrace Linux At Industry Conference. Here's a wrapup of last week's European Linux Conference in London hosted by SuSE Linux.

Web sites

Spanish and Portuguese portal for Linux. Linux Alianza.com (LA) is a Spanish and Portuguese portal for Linux information and ecommerce in Latin America.

Real-Time Search Engine Prototype. InfraSearch.com a technology prototype search engine that lets online content providers respond to search queries in real-time and with dynamic data, was announced by key contributors of the Gnutella movement.

User Group News

AZSAGE Meeting. The topic will be IBM and Open Source & Building a Firewall with Linux 2.2.x, presented by Der Hans, at the Arizona System Administrators Users Group (AZSAGE) meeting. June 13, 2000 at 6:30 in Phoenix.

SCLUG - LUGFest III. The Simi-Conejo Linux Users Group will be holding LUGFest III on October 28th, 2000, in Simi Valley, California. If you have a special skill with Linux or a Linux application, or if you're a Linux vendor who would like to show off his products, SCLUG would love to have you participate in the October LUGFest.

June 8, 2000



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
adept 0.3 Webbased learning system
alogin 0.10 Automatic login of Linux consoles.
ALSA driver 0.5.8a An alternative implementation of Kernel sound support
analog 4.11 WWW logfile analysis program
AndyChat 3.00 Build 0602 A multi-protocol curses-based console chat program.
AniTMT 0.1.3 A flexible application to create films.
Apache 2.0a4 High performance, UNIX based HTTP server
APCComm 1.0.0 Amiga-PC file transfer program.
Arad-OneTable-Editor 0.2.1 Editor and dialog for a single-table SQL query
arianne rpg A Role Playing Game project.
audit.sh 0.6 A simple, reliable way to detect changes in your system under Linux.
authlocal 1.0.3 Automatic authentication of connections from localhost
Autofs 3.1.5 Kernel based automounter for linux
Bastille Linux 1.1.0.pre10 A comprehensive hardening program for Redhat Linux 6.0.
BatchGrab-CGI 0.6.0 A CGI-based multiuser download manager.
bayonne 0.2.1 Bayonne is the telephony server of the GNU project
beecrypt 1.0.0 A cryptography library.
BibleTime 0.24 A bible study program for KDE
biew 5.1.0 Binary/Hex/Disasm viewer/editor
Big Brother 1.4g Highly efficient network monitor
BLADE 0.23.0 Broad Language Aided Document Environment
BLINKE 0.1.0 A BLADE hash file editor.
blq 1.8 Query spam and email abuse block lists.
BlueJ 1.0.3 Java Development Environment aimed at teaching
botnet 1.4.3 Communication package for making IRC bots (or even clients)
Bubbling Load Monitor Applet 0.9.7 Displays system load as a bubbling liquid.
buffer 0.82 A large-scale command-line general-purpose data buffer.
bufplay 0.82 A command-line large-scale-buffering OSS audio player.
BUGS 3.0.0 Private key algorithm and applications
Build Your Linux Disk 1.0alpha3 Package that helps you to build a floppy Linux distribution.
BWap 1.3a A console Napster client.
C-Forge IDE 1.6-1 Multi-user C/C++ integrated development environment.
c3dse 1.0 Enables the 3D Stereo Enhancement of your SoundBlaster.
c3t 0.2 Client-server action strategy game.
calc 2.11.2t1 C-style arbitrary precision calculator
Calcium 3.0 powerful & flexible interactive web-based Calendar
Canvas 7.0b3.0 Technical Illustration, Bitmap editing, web design, and publishing app!
Castor 0.8.7 Java to XML binding, Java Data Objects (O/R) and DSML.
cd-2-mp3 0.2-PL A text-based frontend to the dagrab CD ripper and bladeenc MP3 encoder.
CDDB / CDDB_get 0.91 This module/script gets the CDDB info for an audio cd
cdrecord 1.9a02 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
cgiLicenseKey 1.1 Serial number-based authorization to run CGI scripts
CGIProxy 1.3.1 Anonymizing, filter-bypassing HTTP proxy in a CGI script (in Perl)
chkstat 1.0 Small process monitoring script
chkwww 0.4 Tool for checking what Web server a site is running.
ChordApp 0.9 A Java Application to match musical scales to user-defined chords.
Cilk 5.3 A multithreaded parallel programming system based on ANSI C.
CMUbikdb 0.0.2 A lightweight distributed database system.
CMVision 1.1 Real-time color classification and segmentation library.
CodeCommander 0.6.7 Multi language programming IDE.
ColdSync 1.2.0 PalmPilot synchronization tool
Cons 2.0 A Perl-based software construction tool (i.e., make replacement).
CoreLinux++ 0.4.23 A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
Courier-IMAP 0.33a IMAP server for maildirs
Coyote Linux 1.20RC1 A single-floppy distribution for sharing an Internet connection.
CPM Cyberlot Password Manager 3.0 Web based password management system
Crypt::RC4 1.0 A Perl implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm.
CSS - Cameron Simpson's Scripts 1.0 large collection of scripts and perl modules
CVS Manual Translation Project 0.3.0 An effort to translate the CVS Manual into other languages.
CyberScheduler template 1.0.1 A CyberScheduler Web-based client/server groupware suite with Palm support.
cypr 1.0.1 Web-based passwordchanger (PAM).
Cyrus IMAP server 2.0.4 Full featured IMAP server
DarcNES dn9a0530 An X/SVGALib multi-system emulator.
deadlink.pl 1.0 Finds unused shared libraries
DejaSearch 1.9.0 DejaSearch is a frontend to DejaNews, the leading Usenet archive
DGS Search 0.9.1 A PHP-based search capable of filesystem and database searches.
DJ In A Box 0.6b2 Re-encoding MP3 streaming server.
DNews 5.4d4 Advanced news server software NNTP Software
doxygen 1.1.4 A documentation system for C and C++
dribble 0.1 A simplistic workflow library.
dspspy 1.1.1 A software voice activated recorder.
Dump/Restore 0.4b17 Utilities to dump and restore an ext2 partition
dvgrab 0.82 A utility to save video data from a Mini-DV Video Camcorder.
dynacc 0.5.0.PRE9 Dynamic Internet access accounting.
E-Weather 0.3 An Enlightenment weather epplet.
Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge Provides JDBC Access for Java Applets/Applications to ODBC Data Sources
EasyTAG 0.6 A utility for tagging MP3 files.
ecasound 1.7.8r12 Sound processing, multitrack recording and mixing
eFire 1.0 A PHP firewall configuration tool.
EiffelFox 0.7 An Eiffel language wrapper for the FOX C++ GUI library.
EJBWizard 1.0.2 Java GUI app to generate EJBs for the JOnAS system.
Eldritch Dreams 0.5 A console framebuffer RPG.
elfvector 0.4 transfer vector for app<->.so linkage on Linux/x86
EnergyMech Bot for irc with eggdrop like features to manage a channel
EPIwm 0.5-5 window manager
Epona 1.1.1 Nick, chan, memo, and bot IRC services.
eSS 0.86 0.86 A remote security scanner.
Ethereal Realms 1.1.1 A Web-based chat server.
Ethernet Firewall 0.2 An Ethernet Firewall for FreeBSD.
eTktab 1.1 beta Guitar tablature editor for X11.
expiredir 1.10 A Perl script to expire and remove files in a directory structure.
Exult 0.30 Ultima 7 world viewer.
FastHuitre 0.3.0 Fast file sharing system.
fdutils 5.4 Floppy disk utilities. Put 1992 KB on a simple high density disk
FEddy 1.4.03 Fidonet editor.
fetchmail 5.4.0 A free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval utility.
flog by Jerrad Pierce 0.02 A real time log splitter and viewer.
FOX 0.99.123 C++-Based Library for Graphical User Interface Development
FreD 0.0.4B Address book software.
FreeBIOS 20000602 Open source firmware (BIOS)
Freecell Solver 0.4 Program to solve Freecell games
ftpgrab 0.1.2 FTP mirror utility
fwlogsum 0.2 A FW-1 log summarizer.
g3data 1.00 A program for extracting data from graphs.
gAgenda 0.21 A diary editor and HTML exporter.
gaim 0.9.18 GTK based AOL Instant Messenger
gdpc 1.24 Visualisation tools for molecular dynamic simulations.
genext2fs 1.0 An ext2fs generator without the need for root privileges.
gfurby 1.0 A GNOME furby control program.
gHW 0.1.1 A GTK+ app for browsing the installed hardware via /proc.
GIMP Imagemap plug-in 1.3.2 GIMP plug-in for creation of clickable imagemaps.
GKrellm SNMP Monitor 0.7 A GKrellM plugin that lets you monitor SNMP vars.
Glade 0.5.9 GTK+ interface builder
glade-- 0.5.7c An extension to glade to create C++ sources
global premises control 6.0.4 package for DIY home automation
GnewsAlert 0.7 Semi-Real-Time news alert for the GNOME
gnome-find 0.4 An easy-to-use GUI of find.
gnomerar 0.4.0 A GUI frontend to rar.
gnotepad+ 1.3.1 An easy-to-use and feature-rich text editor.
GNU Parted 1.0.17 A partition editor, for creating, destroying, resizing and copying partitions.
GNU Scientific Library 0.6 A collection of routines for numerical computing.
GNU V.E.R.A. 1.6 Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms.
GnuCash 1.3.99 A program to keep track of your finances
gnutrition 0.1 Nutritional analysis software for GNOME.
gpg4pine by Marcin Marszalek 4.1 Bash script that allows using PGP under PINE
gps3d 1.11 A GPS 3D visualization utility.
GQL 0.0.6 Generic C++ SQL interface library.
gRio500 0.4 A program for transferring MP3s to the Rio 500 (USB).
Griostat 0.1 Diamond Rio 500 utility
Grok 0.4.1 A library of Java components for natural language processing.
gsmlib 1.3 GSM mobile phone control library using AT command set
GSwitchIt 0.5 Xkb state indicator for the GNOME panel
GTK Bookmark Editor 0.08 A Netscape bookmark organizer written in GTK.
GTK+XFce 3.4.0 Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11
GtkEditor 0.1.8 Source code editor widget for GTK.
GtkHx 0.4.2 A GTK+ Hotline client.
GTKstereograph 0.13.1a A GTK user interface for stereograph 0.19 and above.
gtv 0.09 A program for looking up German television shows.
GuardDog 0.9 User friendly firewall generation/management utility for KDE.
Guile-gtk 0.18 guile bindings for GTK.
gView 0.1.15 A GTK/ImLib image viewer.
hagelslag 0.7 A Gnutella clone.
Harvey 0.55 Publishing groupware for schools (discussions, webpages, photos).
Heroes 0.2 Nibbles-like game, just better.
HtmlHeadLine.sh 5.0 Script that automatically fetches news headlines.
HTMLjar 0.1.0 Java HTML construction Package
httpMonitor 0.1 An HTTP monitor.
i4lctrl 0.6.6 An isdn4linux monitor and config tool for Webmin.
IceMe 1.0.0 A graphical menu editor for IceWM written in Python and GTK+.
Ide.php 1.1 A web-based editor for PHP.
IglooFTP-PRO 1.0.0 Powerfull and User Friendly FTP client
ImageMagick 5.2 Package for display and interactivemanipulation of images for X11
IMHO 0.98 IMAP webmail module for Roxen
IMHO-DE 1.3 Module for activating the German language for IMHO v.0.97+.
ipac 1.09 Linux IP accounting package
ircd 2.10.3p1 The original IRC daemon, mainly used by IRCnet.
IRIS Performer for Linux 2.3.1 A high-performance 3D scene graph-rendering toolkit.
irssi 0.7.90 GTK+ based IRC client with GNOME panel support
Ishmail 1.9.12 Very powerful GUI e-mail tool
J.O.O.D.A. 0.3.20 Java-IDE with nice features
J2EE for Linux 1.2.1 Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
JADE Framework 1.4 A software framework for the implementation of multi-agent systems.
jake 0.5.2 Facilitates management of and linking between eresources for librarians.
Java HTML Generator 0.9 Small flexible HTML generator package
Java Napster 0.7 Java GUI clone of the Napster client for downloading MP3s.
jEdit 2.5pre5 Powerful text editor
jnerve 0.32 Alpha A Java implementation of a Napster server.
juice 0.03e User friendly dialog-based frontend for mpg123 and other players.
ka.pl 0.0.3 Perl based script to kill processes based on a search string
Kalamaris 0.6.0 Advanced mathematics research framework.
kcd 4.17.3 Directory change utility.
KCounter 0.93 Traffic monitoring program for Linux/KDE
KDEStudio 2.0pre IDE for Linux
KHangMan 0.1 The Hangman game.
Kit Client 1.0b9 KDE-based client for the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service.
KLines 0.5 A simple logical game.
klm 0.6.0 KDE frontend for the LM SENSORS linux kernel
Kobaz Eggdrop Scripts 1.9.0 A collection of Eggdrop TCL scripts.
Komba 0.2.8 Samba share browser
Korseby Icons 1.8 A rich set of icons.
kPersianCalendar 0.8.8 A Persian (jalali) and Gregorian calendar for KDE.
KUnit 0.2 Unit converter
KWav2CD 0.7 A CDRDao frontend to create audio CDs from .wav files.
Larbin 1.1.0 A fast Web-crawler.
LaS 0.03 A document describing how to setup Linux as a server.
latd 0.7 A LAT terminal server daemon.
lavacgi.lib 0.3.4 A Perl library with many functions/subroutines for CGI-related programming.
lavaps 1.13 A lava lamp of currently running processes
ldap-abook 0.2.0 An LDAP-based addressbook application.
Ledcontrol 0.4.0 Shows info on your keyboard's LEDs.
leechmp3 0.5 Grabs all mp3s from an mp3.com page and renames them sanely.
LEKSBOT 1.1 An explanatory dictionary of botanic and biological terms.
LFP Fixed Width X Fonts 0.80 Fixed-width fonts for X.
LFP Variable Width X Fonts 0.80 Variable-width fonts for X.
libdockapp 0.4 A dockapp-making library.
libmdate 0.0.4 Mayan date library
libunicode 0.7 A library of unicode string functions and charset converters.
Licq 0.84a Advanced graphical ICQ clone and more for Unix
LightningFax 6.5 SP1 Communication Fax Server
LiMez 0.6rel A C++ listserver with built-in SMTP.
LinCVS 0.3alpha2 A graphical frontend for the CVS-client.
Liner 1.07 Simple strategy game, as a java applet
Linux-Mandrake 7.1 A Linux distribution based on RedHat but with many added features.
Linuxconf 1.18r6 Sophisticated administrative tool
LinuxTaRT 3.02 Feature-rich email signature generator
LoserJabber 1.6.0 livejournal.com online journal client.
LuteLinux 1.0.2 Linux distribution with an easy-to-use installer.
LXPoint 1.4.03 Point setup for fidonet.
LyX 1.1.5 Advanced LaTeX-based typesetting and text-editing program for X11
M3X 0.1.8 An all purpose music-media catalogizer.
MAD 0.11.0b A fixed-point MPEG audio decoder.
Mailink 1.0 A POP mail checking program.
md5mon 1.1 File checksum monitor with md5sum/shasum.
mdate 1.2.2 A freely-available mayan date program
MeBay 0.2 A client for eBay.
MemoPanel 5.6 A tiny memo applet on the GNOME panel.
MH checksums.pl 0.4 Validate MD5 or SHA1 sums against a text file.
micq2html.pl 0.5 A mICQ log HTML formatter.
Midnight Commander 4.5.50 Unix file manager and shell
Mister Proper 0.2 GNOME time scheduler for cyclic tasks
MixMagic 0.1.4 A hard drive sound mixer for GNOME.
MM.MySQL 2.0.1 JDBC Drivers for MySQL
mode-Db 0.9b2 A PHP/MySQL database object abstraction class.
mode-Tracker 0.9 User Tracking System with graphs.
ModLogAn 0.2.0 A modular logfile analyzer.
mod_extract_forwarded 1.1 Extract and process the X-Forwarded-For header.
mod_layout 1.8 Layout module for Apache.
moodss 8.19 Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
Mork 0.2.4 A stream processing tool.
MOSIX 0.97.5 Single-system-image clustering software for Linux.
Motif Launcher v0.1.4 Application Launcher for Motif-MWM or Lesstif-MWM.
motion 0.99 A motion detector for video4linux devices.
Mount Linux Olympus 0.3.5 An advanced graphical administration system.
mp3munch 0.01 A mp3 to cd audio tool.
mp3recode 0.02 one step mp3 re-encoder
mp3_check 1.9 A utility which analyzes MP3 files for errors and standards conformance.
mpatrol 1.2.1 A library for controlling and tracing dynamic memory allocations.
mtools 3.9.7
Muddleftpd 1.3.3 A small, fast configurable ftp server that can run without root.
MusicScript 0.1 Music scripting language.
Naken Chat 1.22 Chat Server ported from Javachat
NAMG 0.2.4 Downloads mail from a NetAddress account and forwards it locally
nano 0.9.10 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
NeatSeeker 0.14 Simple collection of Java classes for constructing search engines.
NeoMail 1.0pre1 A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
NetPBM 9.3 The classic image manipulation/conversion utils
netToe 1.0.5 A Tic Tac Toe game for the Linux console.
new_script 1.0.1 A shell script template generator.
Nokia Logo Editor 0.0.0 Nokia operator logo editor.
NTP 4.0.99j A time synchronization daemon which keeps your system time accurate.
OpaL Repository Maintainer 0.0.8 A repository maintainence tool.
OpaL RPM Automation Toolkit 0.1.3 Automates the process of upgrading and installing rpm-packages.
OpenGUI 2.32 A very wonderfull C/C++ graphics library
OpenH323 gatekeeper 0.12 An H.323 gatekeeper.
OpenMap 3.5 JavaBeans tool kit for building applications/applets with maps
opennap 0.30 An open source Napster server.
Oregano 0.17 Schematic capture and circuit simulation application
Orion Application Server 1.0 Java application server.
OSSIM 0.1.0a Remote Sensing/Image Processing/GIS Open Source Software
otarie 2.2.3 An IRC bot with C plugin capabilities.
pat2pdf 0.95 Fetch patents from the USPTO in PDF format.
penemo 0.6 Network Monitoring, using SNMP, HTTP, and ping checks and notification.
Perl-RPM 0.25 Perl bindings for the rpm 3.0.X API.
PerlBeans An implementation of the Java Beans framework in Perl.
PHP-MySQL Counter 1.01 A PHP-MySQL driven page hit counter.
php3guest 1.6.0 A Web guestbook written in PHP3 with a MySQL backend.
phpDoc 0.2.1 A multilingual system for PHP class documentation.
PHPNoLeech 0.1 A registered download application.
phpPhotoAlbum 0.9.5 Dynamic PHP photo album.
phpShop 0.4 E-Commerce System based on PHP and PHPLIB.
PHPTimeSheet 1.1.0 A Web-based timsheet with an SQL backend.
PIDPort 0.91 Shows which PIDs are binding to which ports. Can run as CGI.
PIKT 1.10.0pre11 An innovative new systems administration paradigm
plfingerd 0.1 Finger daemon that replies bogus data and logs every finger request
Pliant 39 Efficient and extendable programming language
PM3 1.1.14 Modula-3 compiler, debugger, libraries, and applications
pmc 0.8-d.3 A Perl/GTK mail client.
pmudmon 0.5 A battery monitor for the iBook.
Polarbar Mailer 1.16c A POP3/IMAP4 GUI Java email client.
PoPy 1.1 A Postgresql driver for Python.
Port Spy 3.5 A port scanner.
Post Office 0.7.3 X11 Emailer/Newsreader
Powertweak-Linux 0.1.16 System performance enhancer.
PPresenter 1.10 Program presentations in Perl/Tk.
PRepS 1.4.2 The Problem Reporting and Tracking System.
proconfig 0.9.5 A Linux kernel patch to produce compile info in /proc/config.
Project Clock 0.5 A point-and-click task and project time recorder.
Pronto! 1.0.0 A full-featured Perl/GTK+ mail client.
ptkdb 1.107 A Perl debugger with a Tk GUI.
PTkPPP 1.0 Perl::Tk frontend for modem dialers
PTlink ircd 5.2.1 New featured ircd with a great services integration
PTlink Services 2.7.1 IRC Registration Services
PyBiff 0.2.0 Extensible email monitor.
PyGantt 0.3.0 PyGantt reads a xml project description and outputs a html Gantt diagram
QHacc 0.5.1 A personal finance application.
qmail-ldap 20000601 A patch to add LDAP user database and server clustering to qmail.
QUB 0.3.3 A front-end for playing any boardgame on your computer.
Quesa 1.6d12 An Open Source implementation of QuickDraw 3D.
Quotes 1.6-2 Financial Quotations and Linux headlines
QVocab 0.22.2 A program to learn the vocabulary of a foreign language.
rawPlay 0.02 Interrupt driven sound player with nifty features.
RealityX IRC 1.0.0 Huge script for KVIrc 2.0.0.
RealPlayer 7.0 beta2 Plays streaming audio and video over the Internet
RearSite 1.7b Tool for updating personal www pages
Referendum 0.9.1 Tools for Group Understanding and Empowerment.
reiserfs 3.6.8 A filesystem which stores the files themselves in a B*-tree, gaining speed.
Relay-JFC Snapshot-000601 Open Source IRC chat program with a graphical user interface similar to mIRC
Request Tracker 1.0.3 Web, command-line and email based trouble ticketing and bugtracking package
retepPDF 1.1.1 A PDF generator library for Java
Rhyming Dictionary 0.4 A rhyming dictionary.
RMC 0.67 A MUD client for X.
RotNN.py 1.1 Python library to do rotational encryption (rot13, for instance)
RPM Explorer 0.0.5fix Explore your computer through the RPM database.
Rudiments 0.6 C++ foundation classes.
RunQ 1.4 A performance management utility.
ScanErrLog 1.2 Apache Error_Log parser and presenter.
SCREEM 0.2.5 Site CReating & Editing EnvironMent
SDL 1.1.3 SDL is a library that allows you portable low level access for graphics/sound
seafelt 1.0.20000602 A network traffic monitoring package.
searchbox 0.6 A Perl script to add a search box to a Web page.
Seawall 3.1 An easy-to-configure, ipchains-based firewall/gateway.
sendmail-tls 0.24 SSL/TLS Wrapper for sendmail (and other MTAs)
SkinLF 0.2.3RC2 A skin "Look And Feel" for Java Swing
SmallEiffel -0.76Beta#3 The GNU Eiffel Compiler
Smart BootManager 3.2-1 A OS Independant boot manager.
SMS-Tools 1.0 SMS send and receive tools for GSM modems.
sortmp3 0.2 MP3 uncompressing and sorting script
Spazz test1 An image viewer for X.
Speed Dragon Tools 1.1 Tools and C++ class library for Hagenuk Speed Dragon
Spindle 0.1 A graphical Napster client implemented in Java 2.
SPLASH 1.0 xmessage on steroids
SplitFire 1.35 Complete IRC script for IRCII-EPIC.
splitvt 1.6.4 A program to provide split terminals.
SQL Relay 0.10 A persistant database connection daemon with C, C++, and Perl APIs.
SQLite 2000-06-02 An SQL frontend to GDBM
star trek ency reader 0.7.8 Reads the star trek encyclopedia under linux
Stereograph 0.25.1 A powerful truecolor stereogram generator.
Sun JDK 1.3 Java Development Kit
tcpdump2ascii 2.10 Perl program which decodes tcpdump hex output to ASCII
TEG 0.2.3 Yet another RISK clone.
Terraform 0.6.9 Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
Test::Cmd 1.00 Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts
Tetradraw 1.93 Full featured linux ansi editor
TeXmacs 0.2.5-1 W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor
tgw 2.9 A tcp gateway.
ThatPHPware A PHP/MySQL news backend.
The Harbour Project Alpha Release 34 An open source, cross platform xbase compiler
The Quipu Maximum Entropy Package 0.2.0 Java package for maximum entropy statistical modeling
The Quipu OpenNLP API 0.4.0 A Java API for natural language processing components.
The Rich Men's Document Management System (rmdms) 0.3.1 A free, document-oriented, 99% pure XSLT application server.
tinc 1.0pre2 Virtual private network daemon
tipxd 1.1.0 IPX tunneling daemon
tkgate 1.4 A hierarchical digital circuit editor and simulator.
trio 0.20 very portable *printf() clones and generic string functions
TWIG 2.3.0 A web-based IMAP client written with PHP3
uCON64 1.9.1 The (ultimate) handheld/console/emulation tool with 70+ options.
UdmSearch 3.1.0-pre1 Fast WWW search engine for your site
UltimateIRCd 2.8.1-a1 Advanced IRC daemon based off the DAL DreamForge daemon with many new features.
unADF 1.0 Extract files from an Amiga Disk File dump (from UAE). Same syntax as unzip.
unmaintained 0.2 The software that drives unmaintained.sourceforge.net.
unp 1.0.0 A command-line frontend for un-archiver programs.
usbmgr 0.3.1 Load Linux USB kernel modules automatically.
uspoof 0.9 public beta Fool any script or program by setting output of any other script or program
Utopia Windowing System 0.0.1 Simple windowing system for the Linux framebuffer
VDK 1.2.1 Easy to use C++ wrapper for Gtk++
VDKBuilder 1.2.1 A RAD tool based on the VDK Library (a C++ wrapper of GTK+).
VeteScan 06-06-2000 Bulk Vulnerability Scanner
VFS 0.1.1 Virtual File System in PHP.
VFU File Manager 3.01 Extensivelyl featured console (text-mode) file manager.
VINTKIT 0.2 Intranet suite written in PHP
Virtual X68000 X68000 emulator
vrrpd 0.2 A userspace vrrp implementation
VTun 2.3 Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks.
W3Mail 1.0.0pre2 A Web gateway to POP3 eMail.
W3Perl 2.68 WWW logfile analysis program
w3reg 0.23 Automatic Web page registrar.
WaveForge 0.1.0 A Sound Forge Wave Editor Clone for Linux.
wbmptopng 0.1 A WBMP to PNG image converter.
Web Secretary 1.3.4 Web page monitoring software
Web-FTP 0.9alpha A lightweight Perl/CGI FTP client
WebCalendar 0.9.13 A multi-user PHP/MySQL-based calendar.
Webdistro 06062000 A Web-based software suite.
webfeed 1.4 Simple Perl CGI program to send formatted form-based messages.
WeirdX 1.0.12 A pure Java X Window System server
WIMS 2.32 Interactive Mathematics Web Application Server.
WinLux Dialer 0.3 A PPP-dialup server/client package.
WMixer 2.0 Neat ALSA Mixer for Window Maker with a digital on-screen display
wmlog 0.1 A system log dock app
WMpop 0.45 WidowMaker DockApp for monitoring a POP3 mailbox
WorldOS 0.1 Application server for Gnutella or Freenet style apps
wxWindows/GTK pre-2.2 GTK port of the cross-platform wxWindows C++application framework class library
X-Chat 1.5.3 GTK+ based IRC client, similar to AmIRC (Amiga).
Xalf 0.3 A utility to provide feedback when starting X11 applications.
XawTV 3.15 A TV viewing application and a few TV utilities.
xdb 1.2.0 An xBase-compatible C++ class library.
XDBM 1.1.11 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
XEmacs/GTK 21.1.10 beta 3 A version of XEmacs that uses the GTK widget set
xinetd Powerful inetd replacement
XMail 0.48 An SMTP/POP3/popsync/finger server.
XML::Twig 2.00 A Perl module used to tree-process XML documents of all sizes.
xmlBlaster 0.77 An Open Source project for MOM (message oriented middleware).
xpat2pdf 1.0 A GUI frontend for pat2pdf.
XSane 0.59 A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE, also a GIMP plugin
XSet 2.0.0 Fast in memory XML search engine in Java
Xskat 3.3 Skatordnung card game, playable against humans or the computer
xtail 2.1 Watch the growth of multiple files.
Yacas 1.0.36 Yet Another Computer Algebra System
Yet Another News Fetcher 0.3a News fetcher.
YumfK 0.5.2 A libmikmod/mpg123/MySQL frontend.
Zapping 0.5.0 A TV viewer program for GNOME.
ZenToe.cgi 0.-1.20000602D A Slashdot-like WebChat using only Perl.
zgv 5.1 graphic file viewer for VGA and SVGA displays
zimg 3.0.0 zimg - Display 2-D data of arbitrary format
ZPoPyDA 0.3 Postgresql database adapter for Zope
Zsh 3.1.9 Powerful UNIX shell
ZZIPlib 0.10.6 Read zip-archives in place of a normal subdirectory.

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