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Linux and business

JavaOne and Collab.net. Sun Microsystems Inc. has been hosting the fifth annual JavaOne developer conference this week (June 6 to June 9, 2000). This has led to a large number of Java related announcements this week, and probably next week as well. A sample of these announcements can be found below under Press Releases - Java Products. Java is a Sun product, released under Sun's Community Source License. It's not an Open Source license, but its not strictly proprietary either.

Enter Collab.Net. Here's an excerpt from Collab's web site, "Collab.Net is distilling the essential process and values of the Open Source community into tools and services that facilitate predictable, well-organized, high value open source development."

This week, Collab.Net has announced that it will be hosting Sun Microsystems' netbeans.org site - the source repository for Sun's open source Java development projects. We look forward to seeing some truly open-source products come out of this collaboration.

Collab.Net has also announced the receipt of $35 million in funding. The venture capital firm Bowman Capital led this round, but Collab.Net also got investments from Dell, HP, Novell, Oracle, Sun, and TurboLinux. Marc Andreessen (who joined Collab.Net's board of directors last March) also made a personal investment in the company.

More Open Source News. BASCOM Global Internet Services has announced the launch of its Open Source Equipment Exchange. Essentially, this exchange exists to link up those who seek to donate equipment with open source projects in need of the same.

Global Software Consultants has put out a press release on its open source strategy, centered around PostgreSQL and Apache.

Franz, Inc., longtime providers of LISP implementations, has announced the release of its AllegroServe web server under the LGPL. "AllegroServe Uses Common Lisp technology to make it more powerful and scalable than other webservers, opening up new areas of opportunity for website developers." Note that the URL for the AllegroServe open source page in the press release is incorrect; here is a working link.

Here is IBM's announcement of its donation of its SOAP implementation to the Apache Software Project.

The Openlaw project has filed a friend of the court brief in the 2600 DVD case. "A purchased DVD is a mixture of programs and encrypted data formats. The formats have been reverse engineered to enable the licensed data contained therein to be passed between programs, allowing a purchaser to play the program he licensed by his purchase on the operating system of his choice. The distribution of DeCSS fits well under the law, when the legislative history is taken into account."

Openlaw briefs are developed in an "open source" mode, taking input from all who are interested - see the Openlaw DVD page for more information.

People with new jobs. VA Linux announced the appointment of Kyle Spencer, formerly of EDS, as general manager of worldwide professional services.

Penguin Computing has announced the hiring of Brett Person, one of the co-founders of the Slackware distribution, as a senior member of the technical support team.

The Linux Journal has announced the appointment of Don Marti as the magazine's senior technical editor.

TurboLinux has announced that Paul Thomas is now the CEO of the company, replacing founder Cliff Miller.

LinuxMall.com has announced that Chuck Mead, of Moongroup Consulting and the Linux Professional Institute, has been brought in as chief technical officer.

Conectiva (Curitiba) hired Australian Andrew Clausen with the objective of aiding in the development of the GNU Parted project. The project can be seen at the site: http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/parted.html

Atipa Linux Solutions announced that Jeffrey Keenan, currently President of the company, has been appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Atipa.

C2Net announces new Stronghold 3 secure web server. C2Net has announced a new version of its "Stronghold" web server. Stronghold is a version of Apache with SSL encryption and support added.

API collaborates with Quadrics on Linux supercomputers. Alpha Processor Inc. has announced a deal with Quadrics to build a new line of high-end Linux clusters.

API has also announced the new "UP1100" motherboard, "a complete, cost-efficient, entry-level Alpha board for Beowulf clusters, Web servers, development systems and rendering solutions."

Lineo ships Embedix SDK. Lineo has announced the first customer shipments of its "Embedix Software Development Kit."

Helius to develop Lineo-based satellite routers. Helius has announced that it will develop a line of satellite routers based on Lineo's Embedix distribution.

Microsoft judgement. For those who are interested, here is the text of the final judgement from the Microsoft antitrust case. As expected, it involves splitting the company into two businesses. (Thanks to William Stearns).

Press Releases:

    Open Source Products.

  • CynApps (LOS ANGELES) announced the integration of Cadence TestBuilder technology with the CynApps Open-Source Cynlib class library.

  • SRI International (MENLO PARK, Calif.) announced GeoVRML 1.0, a new web-based three-dimensional viewing technology.

    Commercial Products for Linux.

  • 3Com Corporation released Linux network drivers for use with its latest EtherLink 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card (NIC) products.

  • Cybernet Systems launched its latest NetMAX product line, the NetMAX Firewall ProSuite and NetMAX Internet Server ProSuite.

  • Cyrusoft International, Inc. (PITTSBURGH) unveiled a new version of the Mulberry email client for the Linux and Solaris operating systems.

  • OnCore Systems Corporation (HALF MOON BAY, Calif.) announced two additional embedded Linux usage models for system builders, Linux OnDemand and Linux OnCall.

  • OnCore Systems Corporation (HALF MOON BAY, Calif.) announced two related news events: OnCore Systems has demonstrated support for IBM's high-performance PowerPC 750CX family of microprocessors, and OnCore breaks sub 5-microsecond response time barrier for the time required to switch between a random Linux application and a real-time task using OnCore's embedded Linux running on the PowerPC 750CX.

  • OpenCon Systems (PISCATAWAY, N.J.) announced that its Billing Mediation Platform (BMP), a comprehensive and flexible data and protocol mediation solution for billing applications, now runs on Linux.

  • SmartDisk Corporation (NAPLES, Fla.) announced that support for Linux has been integrated into its FlashPath for SmartMedia floppy disk adapter for digital appliances. Linuxcare, Inc. announced that it developed the Linux device driver.

    Products Using Linux.

  • Axtar Limited (ATLANTA) announced OneSwitch, a standards-based Central Office programmable telephony switch that uses both the Red Hat Linux operating system and the compactPCI (cPCI) form factor.

  • Sycamore Networks Inc. (ATLANTA, GA) is demonstrating an optical network at the Supercomm trade show. "The big question is whether Sycamore's emulated network is a true likeness of a real one. Sycamore points out that its switch network operating system - now named Broadleaf - runs on Linux. As the PCs in its demo are also running Linux, the Broadleaf software in them is identical to the one used in the vendor's real-life switches."

    Products with Linux Versions.

  • Adax (BERKELEY, Calif.) debuted the High Density Channelized (HDC) multi-protocol platform.

  • Advanced Digital Information Corporation (REDMOND, Wash.) announced a new release of its CentraVision SAN file sharing system (CVFS).

  • Brooktrout Technology (SUPERCOMM, ATLANTA) announced that its TRxStream Series of media resource platforms are now available in the CompactPCI (cPCI) form factor.

  • Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and SynTest Technologies, Inc. (SAN JOSE and SUNNYVALE, Calif.) joined forces to provide a solution for customers who need a one-pass DFT and synthesis solution for multi-million gate system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

  • Deerfield.com (GAYLORD, Mich) announced the availability of WinGate 4.0, a full-featured Internet sharing solution that supports multiple users simultaneously through one Internet connection.

  • Eurologic Systems (BOXBOROUGH, Mass.) announced that it has expanded its Vision Storage Management Software to include support for a wider range of operating systems on the Voyager 3100 network storage subsystem, including Linux.

  • Fire GL Professional Graphics (SAN JOSE, Calif.) has expanded its product family to include two new graphics accelerators, the Fire GL2 and the Fire GL3.

  • GraphOn Corporation (MORGAN HILL, Calif.) announced it has released beta version 1.1 of GraphOn Bridges for UNIX and Linux for use by approved beta test sites.

  • Greyware Automation Products (PLANO, TX) announced the release of Domain Time II version 2.2, a major update to their Enterprise time synchronization system.

  • Group 1 Software (LANHAM, Md.) announced that it has enhanced its DOC1 product to address the growth in Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) and Electronic Statement Presentation (ESP).

  • Hummingbird Ltd. (TORONTO) launched Hummingbird EIP 1.5, an enterprise portal solution.

  • Integrix, Inc. (NEWBURY PARK, Calif.) announced the Integrix RS280 rackmount server. The Ultra AXi motherboard features an upgradable UltraSPARC IIi microprocessor module with speeds up to 440Mhz, up to 1GB of memory, integrated dual channel Ultra-Wide SCSI, two PCI slots and integrated 10/100 Mb Ethernet. Red Hat 6.1 is available as an optional operating system.

  • LegacyJ Corp. (PLEASANTON, Calif.) announced PERCobol Enterprise Version 2.5.

  • LinkUp Systems Corporation (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced its L7205 system-on-chip solution.

  • M4 Data, Inc. (MELBOURNE, Fla.) announced the MagBak series of scalable DLT autoloaders.

  • Macromedia, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced it is shipping Macromedia Generator 2 Enterprise Edition.

  • SGI (MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) announced a reduction in price in its Silicon Graphics 230 visual workstations.

  • StereoGraphics Corp. (SAN RAFAEL, Calif.) introduced CrystalEyes 3 wireless liquid crystal shuttering eyewear.

    Java Products.

  • ACCESS Co., Ltd. (MILPITAS, Calif./TOKYO) announced that it has gained Sun Authorized Virtual Machine status for its product, JV-Lite2 Embedded Edition ver.1.0.

  • Bluestone Software, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced Bluestone Total-e-Server, the next generation of Bluestone's Sapphire/Web Application Server, and the Application Server edition of Bluestone's comprehensive, standards-based Total-e-Business platform.

  • Compuware Corporation (SAN FRANCISCO) announced that it is shipping NuMega DevPartner 2.0 Java Edition.

  • CyberTel, Inc. (MIDDLETOWN, N.J.) announced the latest release of FreeCom3G, the company's next-generation, pure-JAVA messaging client.

  • Imperial Software Technology (SAN FRANCISCO) announced the availability of DeltaStream, an Internet information distribution platform for the dissemination of near real-time data.

  • Informix Corporation (SAN FRANCISCO) announced a significant upgrade of Cloudscape 3.5, the company's Java-technology-based database for embeddable systems and distributed e-Business applications.

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.) announced the shipment and immediate availability of JDataStore 3.5, a 100 percent Pure Java Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.) released a preview version of JBuilder Handheld Express, an extension for the mobile market to Inprise/Borland's JBuilder 3.5, a Java technology development tool.

  • Insignia Solutions (SAN FRANCISCO) announced its new Jeode SlingShot technology, the company's latest dynamic adaptive compilation (DAC) technology.

  • Intuitive Systems, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) unveiled Optimizeit 4.0, a Java technology-based language profiling tool.

  • O'Reilly (SEBASTOPOL, Calif.) announced Java and XML, The Developer's Holy Grail.

  • OpenAvenue (SAN FRANCISCO) announced its support for Sun Microsystems' Forte for Java Portal.

  • POET Software (SAN MATEO, Calif.) announced the release of its Object Server Suite (OSS) version 6.1, an object database for creating complex Java and C++ applications.

  • PowerTV (CUPERTINO, Calif.) has developed the PersonalJava engine for interactive digital TV.

  • SilverStream Software, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced a new version of the SilverStream Application Server 3.5, a Java2 Enterprise Edition application server.

  • The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (WARRENTON, Va.) released SPECjbb2000, a new benchmark for evaluating the performance of servers running typical Java business applications.

  • Zero G (SAN FRANCISCO) announced the release of InstallAnywhere v3.5. The latest version is compatible with Java 2 platform v1.3 and adds full support for Linux.


  • Internet Security Systems (ATLANTA) will offer a Linux security class in Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco beginning the week of June 12, 2000.

  • Red Hat, Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) announced that over 4,000 engineers have completed Red Hat's Training and Certification program.

  • Sair, Inc. (OXFORD, Miss.) will conduct a full track of seminars at the Global Linux 2000 Exhibition and Conference, to be held June 14-17 in Seoul, Korea.


  • Accelerated Technology, Inc. (MOBILE, Ala.) announced their position as a founding member of the Embedded Linux Consortium.

  • Acrylis Inc. (N. CHELMSFORD, Mass.) announced a deal with LinuxIT, a European distributor and reseller for Linux-based products. LinuxIT will become Acrylis' premier UK reseller for their new WhatifLinux.com service.

  • ANSYS, Inc. (SOUTHPOINTE, Pa.) and SGI announced they have formed a strategic alliance to supply ANSYS, Inc.'s engineering simulation software on the SGI Linux operating system using SGI's Intel IA-64 based server products.

  • Conectiva (Curitiba) firmed up a distribution agreement with the CCA Consulting & Administration, with the objective of distributing the "SIAM Linux" package -Integrated System of Municipal Administration.

  • Corel Corporation (OTTAWA, CANADA) announced an agreement with Runaware, an Evaluation Service Provider, to provide a better way for customers to preview its products.

  • Equinox Systems Inc. (SUNRISE, Fla.) announced a marketing and bundling agreement with TurboLinux, Inc.. Equinox customers will receive a copy of TurboLinux Server, which automatically detects and installs Equinox SuperSerial products.

  • Helius Inc. announced it has joined the Lineo Partner Connect program as a Certified Embedix Partner. Through the program, Helius will develop satellite routers based on embedded Linux.

  • IBM and Lucent Technologies (ARMONK, N.Y./MURRAY HILL, N.J.) announced plans to form a strategic technology relationship that will enable CyberCarriers, an emerging generation of service providers that combine high-bandwidth networks and data centers. In addition, IBM and Lucent plan to work together on open data center solutions based on Linux.

  • Integrated Research (SYDNEY, Australia) announced the appointment of Twinsoft Italy as a distributor of its PROGNOSIS systems management solution for Compaq NonStop environments.

  • KrystalBox Technologies (HAMBURG, Germany), provider of integrated open-source solutions, and German Web development firm For Sale Digital combined technologies to deliver an integrated content and Web management tool for the German electronic retailer Media Markt's new Web platform.

  • NETsilicon Inc. (WALTHAM, Mass.) announced that it has become a member of the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC).

  • Rackspace.com and Plesk Inc. (SAN ANTONIO and CHANTILLY, Va.) announced Rackspace.com's purchase of licenses for the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA).

  • Survey.com and O'Reilly & Associates (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced the establishment of a strategic alliance to research the fundamental technologies of the Internet and organizational computing.

  • Web-4M has become a member of the IBM Netfinity ServerProven program.

    Investments and Acquisitions.

  • Corel Corporation (OTTAWA, CANADA) announced that its "bought deal" agreement with Canaccord Capital Corporation has now been fixed at Cdn $30 million, at an offering price of Cdn $4.11 per share, resulting in a total of 7,299,270 common shares to be issued.

  • e-smith has announced the receipt of $3 million in funding from Greylock and Red Hat.

  • GameCom, Inc. (ARLINGTON, Texas) announced that it has entered into a subscription agreement for a $15,000,000 sale of common stock and warrants under a private equity line contract with Swartz Private Equity, L.L.C., an institutional private equity fund.

  • InterLan Technologies (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.) announced that it has received $1.5 million in equity financing from the Canopy Group, of Orem, Utah.

  • Linbox, the inventor of Linbox Network Architecture (LNA), has announced (French version) the acceptance of a 2.5 million Euros (US$2.25M) investment from Europ@Web, the Internet industrial arm of Group Arnault.

  • MiddleSoft, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced that it closed a financing led by BPI Capital of New York. The proceeds from the financing will be used for general corporate purposes. "Middlesoft is building the necessary components to establish Linux as the de facto standard operating system for non-PC devices."

  • VA Linux Systems has announced the completion of its acquisition of Andover.Net.


  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif) announced the appointment of Keith E. Gottfried as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Gottfried will oversee Inprise/Borland's legal department.

  • MontaVista, Software Inc. (SANTA CLARA, Calif.) announced that Patrice Commune has joined the company as vice president of International Sales.

  • Neoware Systems, Inc. (KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa) announced that Edward F. Golderer has been named Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

  • The O'Reilly Network has expanded into the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) arena by hiring open source editor Chris Coleman and by adding a new BSD DevCenter.

  • Trend Micro Inc. (TOKYO) announced the appointment of Mahendra Negi as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of its wholly-owned subsidiary ipTrend, Inc. Negi will also serve on the board of directors of ipTrend. ipTrend, Inc. is a Linux-based Internet appliance development company which was formed by Trend Micro's acquisition of Nippon Unisoft in February 2000.

    Linux At Work.

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.) announced that Resource Information Management Systems, Inc. (RIMS) has developed the next generation of fully open and cross-platform automation tools for the healthcare industry using Inprise/Borland's JBuilder 3 Enterprise on Linux.

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif) announced that AOT, one of the largest professional option trading companies on the Amsterdam Option Exchange (AEX), is using Inprise technology to automate the option and stock market trading process. AOT selected Linux as the platform for integration.

  • ASP Kovair Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif. and BILLERICA, Mass.) has a VIPCenter ASP service, powered by BullSoft's JOnAS application server. JOnAS is an Open-source product, based on Enterprise Java Beans technology.

  • VA Linux Systems, Inc. (SUNNYVALE, Calif.) announced that 1stUp.com, a provider of private label Internet access solutions, has implemented over 50 high-density VA Linux servers to power its application server infrastructure as well as its Oracle 8i database, now supporting more than 3.5 million registered subscribers.


  • Corel Corporation (OTTAWA) announced WordPerfect Office 2000 Deluxe for Linux has been placed on Winmag.com's WinList.

  • Conectiva S.A. (Curitiba) inaugurated another branch office, this time in Brasilia - DF.

  • CynApps (SANTA CLARA, Calif.) launched the CynApps Academic Usage Program (CynAP) to bring the industry's foremost tools and technologies for C++ design to the hardware engineers of tomorrow.

  • Lumos Technologies Inc. (ATLANTA) announced its CORBA Management Agent (CMA) initiative, which encourages network equipment manufacturers to embed uniform object-oriented management in their network equipment.

  • Stormix Technologies (Vancouver, BC) announced that it has established Stormix Professional Services (SPS).

  • Tripp Lite (CHICAGO) touts Linux certification for its UPS Systems and PowerAlert Software, and expresses commitment to the Linux platform and the open source movement.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

June 8, 2000


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