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Linux and Business

LWN Linux Stocks Page upgrade. A long-awaited upgrade to the LWN Linux Stocks Page has been completed by LWN hacker Dennis Tenney. Much of the work is behind the scenes, but we have finally added a much-requested charts page comparing the performance of Linux stocks against other stock market indices.

IBM briefly. IBM was covered on this week's front page, but here are the press releases for the WebSphere announcement (The new version is supported on the Caldera and Red Hat distributions, and retails for $499) and the release of SuSE Linux for the RS/6000.

Red Hat on the move. Bob Young addressed the "2000 World Congress on Information Technology" in Taiwan on June 13.

Red Hat has announced that the second version of its book Maximum RPM has been put up for free download at www.rpm.org. The second version is a work in progress - they seem to want help in getting the job done. The first version is also available in PostScript format.

On the embedded front, the company announced the signing of a deal to acquire WireSpeed Communications, a maker of communications software for embedded systems. Red Hat also released a distribution of the GNUPro tools for Altera's new "Excalibur" embedded processor.

Embedded Linux company Lineo has been busy. LinuxWizardry announced that its "Apprentice Router" system, set to hit the shelves in August, will be manufactured by Lineo.

AMD and Lineo have announced a deal where they will work together to provide support for AMD's line of embedded processors.

Internally, Lineo has announced the formation of its "industrial solutions group," which will handle industrial process control and military jobs. "This group today released a common API for real-time Linux, giving real-time Linux developers the ability to use the same API whether they are developing on RTLinux or RTAI, the two most widely-used distributions of real-time Linux."

More Embedded news. Coollogic has announced that Acer has licensed its "Coollinux" embedded distribution to use in a series of Internet appliance products.

Bus-Tech has announced its "Embedded Linux Controller" development platform, which runs MontaVista's Hardhat Linux.

Press Releases:

Open Source Products.
Unless specified, license has not been verified.

  • eCALYX (MILPITAS, Calif.) offers eBtoolz, a suite of expanding Rapid eBusiness development tools, currently consisting of critical enterprise components like database and search engine, ad server, auction server, chat server, registration server, content management interface, job server, personal information manager, eCatalog, etc. eBtoolz is integrated as a part of a fixed price solution with no recurring "per click fees" and with open source code rights for the client.

  • Integrated Computer Solutions has announced a new OpenMotif release which contains the first set of contributed patches after its pseudo-open source release.

  • Microstar Laboratories, Inc. (BELLEVUE, Wash.) announced a new Linux driver for PCI DAP boards to complement its existing Linux driver for ISA DAP boards.

  • PHT Clinical Networks (SAN DIEGO) announced the general market introduction of the Esendant Clinical Network, an open architecture system for the life science industry which provides end-to-end clinical trial data collection and management.

  • Vovida Networks (SAN JOSE, Calif.) is augmenting their open source implementations of developmental protocol stacks for Voice over IP (VoIP) to include both the COPS (Common Open Policy Service) and RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) protocols.

Commercial Products for Linux.

  • Chili!Soft (BELLEVUE, Wash) announced that Chili!Soft ASP 3.5.2 for Linux and Chili!Soft SpicePack 1.0 for Linux are now available for purchase.

  • EnterLinux.com has announced its existence. EnterLinux is aimed at the "business to business" market in Linux systems, allowing buyers to enter requests for quotes and get answers from multiple Linux vendors.

  • Exabyte Corporation (BOULDER, Colo.) announced that LAND-5 will feature Mammoth-2 tape drives and libraries as its preferred backup technology with the icebox, InstaNAS, UltraPod and iCEbox StoragePod Plus universal Network Attached Storage (NAS) products.

  • PolyServe has announced the availability of Understudy 1.3, its high-availability clustering software for the SuSE Linux distribution.

  • Spiderweb Software and Boutell.com present Exile III: Ruined World, an epic fantasy role-playing game for Linux.

  • Tripp Lite (CHICAGO) announced that its Tripp Lite UPS Systems and PowerAlert Software are compatible and fully functional with the Caldera Linux distribution.

  • Xi Graphics Inc. (DENVER) released v1.1 of its 3D graphics product line for Linux.

Products Using Linux.

  • Connectix Corporation (SAN MATEO, Calif.) launched a promotion for Virtual PC with Red Hat Linux, which runs Red Hat on a Mac while maintaining the Mac's current configuration.

  • eOn Communications Corporation (MEMPHIS, Tenn.) announced its Web Center software suite was named "Best of Show" at Communications Solutions Expo Spring 2000.

  • Extended Systems (MONTE CARLO, MONACO) announced that it has begun shipping Version 1.1 of XTNDAccess Blue SDK, a multi-purpose software development kit (SDK) for implementing Bluetooth wireless protocols in handheld devices.

  • Rackspace (SAN ANTONIO) a provider of Linux-based managed hosting services, introduced its automated online ordering system. Rackspace also announced the launch of MyRackspace, a technical support and customer service site within Rackspace.

Products with Linux Versions.

  • Bristol Technology Inc. (LAS VEGAS) announced the immediate availability of eSleuth, the first major release of its transaction analysis software.

  • Cirrus Logic Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced its system-on-chip (SOC), the Maverick EP9312, that will allow consumer electronics companies to create a variety of cost-effective home audio jukeboxes and servers.

  • Discreet (MONTREAL) announced that it is now shipping version 2.1 of mental ray, the photorealistic, programmable, and scalable interactive rendering software from mental images, and the mental ray connection to 3D Studio MAX software.

  • Hypercosm (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced the Hypercosm 3D Player.

  • IMPRESS SOFTWARE, Inc. (LAS VEGAS) has updated its IMPRESS/OIS (Online Information System) software solution to enable companies to leverage their existing back-end systems.

  • inChorus.com (NEW YORK) announced the availability of inChorus Pro software, for rich-media email messages.

  • InterWorking Labs (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced SilverCreek Starter, a quick-start version of the company's SilverCreek SNMP standards conformance testing software for Internet developers.

  • MicroNet Technology, Inc. (IRVINE, Calif.) announced RAIDbank 2000, a high-performance, platform-independent 0/1/3/5/0+1 RAID solution.

  • Mortice Kern Systems Inc (FAIRFAX, VA) announced the availability of the MKS Toolkit 7.0 product family of interoperability and application migration tools.

  • Netfish Technologies, Inc. (SANTA CLARA, Calif.) unveiled the Netfish Technologies XDI Gateway, a B2B security product.

  • Omnis Technology Corporation (SAN CARLOS, Calif.) announced a drag and drop WML (Wireless Markup Language) editor to simplify direct connectivity between server-based data and remotely located WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) phones in its forthcoming version of Omnis Studio.

  • Online Creations Inc. (METUCHEN, N.J.) announced the release of CFX_ONCR_CyberCash 4.0, its custom tag for ColdFusion e-commerce application.

  • Phoenix Resources Technologies, Inc. announced that it has now officially renamed its software application, formerly code named `DBPanacea', as XLiRAD (pronounced Acc-SELL-i-Rad).

  • Samco Software Inc. (Surrey, B.C.) unveiled back-2-basics (b2b) the newest member of the Samco product family. b2b is designed to fully meet the basic sales and accounting needs of the small retailer across a wide variety of computing platforms.

  • Sleepycat Software, Inc. (CARLISLE, Mass.) announced the release of version 3.1 of its embedded database system, Berkeley DB.

  • WRQ Inc. unveiled its new suite of enterprise application integration solutions.

Java Products.

  • Berkeley Software Design Inc. (BSDi) (SAN FRANCISCO) announced Java 2 Standard Edition version 1.2 for BSD platforms, including BSDi Internet Server, BSD/OS, and FreeBSD.

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTT VALLEY, Calif.) announced three developments. They include an agreement to license Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) from Sun Microsystems; joining the Executive Committee (EC) of the Java Community Process (JCP); and winning the Java Pro's Reader's Choice Award Best Java IDE, for Inprise/Borland's popular JBuilder(TM) product.


  • American Power Conversion (WEST KINGSTON, R.I. and ANN ARBOR) announced a partnership with Cybernet Systems Corporation, a developer of Linux-based Internet appliance software, to integrate APC's PowerChute plus into Cybernet's NetMAX product line in North America.

  • Apache Software Foundation and webdav.org (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) introduced an add-on to the Apache HTTP Server that will provide its users with more control of information on the Web.

  • ClickHouse.com Online Inc. (VANCOUVER) announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with RapidTraffic.com Inc., a "one stop for everything you need" (including Linux servers and service) to get your Internet site together.

  • Compaq will be providing support for TurboLinux on its platforms, according to this announcement. TurboLinux will take charge of training Compaq's support staff, and will stand by to handle the harder problems.

  • GraphOn Corporation (BEIJING, China/MORGAN HILL, Calif.) and Compaq China announced they have entered into an agreement to promote and develop joint market opportunities for their technologies in China.

  • Jabber.com, Inc. (DENVER) announced a partnership with Collab.Net. Under the agreement, Collab.Net will use Jabber XML technology as the instant messaging vehicle for sourceXchange, its market place for financing and managing open source software development over the Internet.

  • LinuxMall.com and EBIZ have put out a press release answering some questions about their upcoming merger.

  • Macmillan USA and MandrakeSoft (INDIANAPOLIS) announced an agreement whereby Macmillan will be the exclusive retail distributor of the English version of the Linux-Mandrake operating system in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and Indonesia.

  • MacMillan also put out their own press release announcing the availability of Linux-Mandrake 7.1 (for the Intel platform).

  • Nothing Real (VENICE, CA) announced the signing of three new distribution agreements for all its current and future products, including Shake compositing software (with a Linux version).

  • Omnis Software announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Tribeka, the producers of the SoftWide in-store production system which is currently being deployed into WH Smith and HMV stores all over the United Kingdom. Omnis Studio Rapid Application Development tool for Linux will be available through this system.

  • Red Hat, Inc. (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C) announced it has selected DSW Partners as its marketing agency.

  • VillageWorld.com, Inc. (BOHEMIA, N.Y.) announced an agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. to distribute their StarOffice office-suite product. That will include StarOffice software installed in VillageWorld's Linux Set-Top Box product.

  • Willow Technology, Inc. (LAS VEGAS) announced that it has concluded an agreement with IBM to produce MQSeries for Linux on platforms other than Intel x86 architecture.

Investments and Acquisitions.

  • Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDi) (COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) announced it has acquired Telenet System Solutions, Inc. of San Jose, Calif., an Internet infrastructure server supplier.

  • Bynari, Inc. (HOUSTON) announced an equity investment from The Sagemark Companies Ltd.. Bynari develops, markets and supports Linux based applications for the enterprise and consumer marketplace.

  • eGrail Inc. (BETHESDA, Md.) announced that it has raised $5 million in its first round of venture financing. "[eGrail's] products have been optimized for compatibility with the Open Source infrastructure of the Internet, supporting standards such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP, and PERL."

  • HomePage.com (LOS ANGELES) announced that it has raised $48 million in a mezzanine financing round. HomePage.com's proprietary "Powered by HomePage.com" system uses a combination of FreeBSD and Linux operating systems.

  • Mission Critical Linux has announced the receipt of a $20 million equity investment from General Atlantic Partners.


  • Ariel Corp. (CRANBURY, N.J.) announced that Gene Corrado has joined the company as senior vice president of sales.

  • EBIZ Enterprises Inc (SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) announced that Brian Narducci and Chris Reinhard have joined its management team as sales managers.

  • GameCom, Inc. announced that it has hired Steven M. Haag as director of marketing.

  • HomePage.com (LOS ANGELES) announced the appointment of Ellis Posner to the position of senior vice president of sales.

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.) announced the appointment of Roger Barney to vice president of corporate services.

  • MontaVista, Inc. (SUNNYVALE, Calif.) announced the appointment of Kent McMullen as vice president of marketing.

  • SteelEye Technology Inc. (MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) announced the addition of two executives to its management team. Kevin Berry joins SteelEye as vice president of finance and CFO. Boris Geller and joins SteelEye as vice president of marketing.

Linux At Work.

  • eMD.com (ATLANTA) announced a system partnership with IBM. The partnership with IBM will help them build a web site on System 390 with Linux. General availability of the new system is expected later in the summer.

  • Loran Technologies (OTTAWA, Ontario) announced that Halifax-based TARA (Telecom Applications Research Alliance) has chosen its Linux and Java based Kinnetics management appliance as a primary building block in TARA's network management infrastructure.

  • Netgem SA (PARIS) announced that they have signed a contract in order to bring full Internet access to ONdigital TV services subscribers. Netgem's technology operates on a Linux-based open software platform and a thin-client access device.

  • Pervasive Software Inc. (AUSTIN, Texas) announced that its Tango 2000 Web application development software is the power behind a wireless Web portal developed for Davos (www.davos.ch), a Swiss resort located in the Alps. The site is deployed on Tango 2000 Application Server software for Linux.


  • DigitalThink (SAN FRANCISCO) announced the opening of a London office. They also announced they are developing Linux training courseware, with Red Hat, which will be deployed through the British e-learning company blueU.com.

  • Equinox Systems Inc. (SUNRISE, Fla.) announced that the company will participate in Linux Expo shows in Shanghai, China and London, England featuring remote access and serial connectivity solutions for Linux servers.

  • Network Appliance will present "New Radical Architecture for ISP/ASP businesses using Oracle(R) on Linux(R) and NetApp(R) storage," in conjunction with NetLedger. The presentation is being given on June 22 from 11:00-11:45 a.m. at the European Oracle User Group (EOUG) conference, in Madrid, Spain from June 21-23.

  • Omnis Technology Corporation (SAN CARLOS, Calif.) confirmed a large increase in the number of developers evaluating and adopting Omnis Studio, their Rapid Application Development program. The company attributes this increased interest to several factors, including the increasing adoption of the Linux operating system, a reduction in Studio's price and the rising awareness of the power and speed of this development tool.

  • Tricord Systems, Inc. (MINNEAPOLIS) announced that it has expanded its operations with the opening of a facility in Westminster, Colorado. Its products will be Linux-based server appliances.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

June 15, 2000


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