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See also: last week's Development page.

Development tools


A large update to the JCK status page indicates that progress has been made with both green and native threads with the JIT turned on. That is continuing good news for the project.

Even better, a real release of 1.2 is getting close, according to Blackdown Team member Juergen Kreileder. He also mentioned that the progress they've made with threads under 1.2 will be of use to the team doing the JDK 1.1.8. Optimism seems to be high, which is great!


Perl News has undergone a facelift. This FAQ covers the changes at the Perl News site, including the ability to redistribute the content on not-for-profit sites or list the headlines on any site. Better searching has been implemented and the source code has been made available.

The Fall Perl Journal is now on-line, though a subscription is required to access it.

The Perl Developer Kit 1.2.2 has been released by ActiveState.


Guido van Rossum sent out this reminder: papers for the upcoming International Python Conference are due on September 30.

It's time for this week's Python-URL from David Ascher. Highlights this week include the announcement of Biopython.org, a project dedicated to "facilitating and promoting the use of Python in bioinformatics" and version 2 of pyfort, a tool for interfacing python and Fortran.

JPython 1.1beta3 was released on September 22nd. Check for it on the JPython site. A summary of changes is available on the JPython news page.


README: Tcl-URL! for September 20th covers proposed changes to octal support in Tcl, the LinuxWorld article discussing Tcl and AOLServer and various other threads and announcements for the week.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

September 23, 1999



Development projects

Visio has spun off its IntelliCAD software to an "independent organization called the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC)" in order to promote its future development in open collaboration with other vendors. See their press release for more details. Of course, this news was followed by rumors that Microsoft is in the process of purchasing Visio, which might explain the spin-off of IntelliCAD, if the inclusion of that software might make the purchase more difficult. Note that the consortium will provide a free license for non-commercial use and for modification of the source code. This model seems to resemble the X Consortium, of course, and does not at all guarantee that the source code will be released under a free/open source license. (Thanks to Lee Guigar and John K. Morgan)

SGI has finally gotten around to announcing the release of its promising "Jessie" interactive development environment. You can take a look at a screenshot and learn more about Jessie from SGI's Open Source Repository.


Havoc Pennington has sent us a special-edition two-week version of the GNOME summary. Reports are that development for the Gnome 1.0.50 release is winding down, so a release date may not be too far in the future.

There appears to be a lot of excitement about Glade and libglade. Glade is a GUI developer that saves files in XML format; it is still in pre-release state, but the latest release, 0.5.3, is apparently both stable and useable. Python bindings are available for libglade, which is allowing some impressively fast development.

High Availability

Heartbeat 0.4.3 was announced this week. This version is compliant with the File System Hierarchy (FHS) from the Linux Standard Base and is now largely Debian-compliant.

The heartbeat message format documentation has been updated.


Here is this week's KDE development news thanks to Navindra Umanee.


The Midgard Weekly Summary for September 22nd indicates that work on this web development platform is going strong. The Midgard function reference promises to be done "soon" and will be the first part of the Midgard Manual. The latest version of the manual will live here.

The first Midgard Workshop will be held Wednesday, October 13th, in Helsinki, Finland. Check the workshop website for more details. There is still room for one or two more participants.


Internationalization news is good according to this comment on MozillaZine.org. New features include the ability to display messages simultaneously with different character sets and the ability to sort message lists containing messages with different character sets.


OpenLDAP 1.2.7 was announced this week. The OpenLDAP Project is building a suite of open source LDAP applications and development tools. This latest release primarily contains new components and bug fixes, including plugs for some memory leaks.


How many people use PHP now? Check out these figures from Netcraft. The news looks good ...


The Wine Weekly News for September 20th covers continuing discussion of the Winsock implementation, the future of the window manager and everyone's favorite issue, fonts!


The Zope Weekly News for September 22nd has been released. It mentions that growing pains on the Zope.org site revealed a security problem that resulted in the release of Zope 2.0.1.

Commercial support and training for Zope are also available now. The next Zope class will be in Colorado Springs, CO, October 18th through the 20th. See the Zope news posting for details.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

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